The 5 Year plan

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Diamond Dave
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Re: The 5 Year plan

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Tom_Laws wrote:Green race in a Green boat.
Also to become a published author? Though lets not be hasty. Maybe make that a 6 year plan... :)
Neptune wrote: Dave, I don't know about your paddling asperations, but you need to be aiming at finishing your medical training and to be practicing medicine in five years don't you think, then you can do all the paddling you want in your annual leave like Tim.
You've probably got a point. Though annual leave will most likely be a weeek at a time. Another aspiration for the list is to take a year working in NZ once I'm qualified. ...assuming all goes well this will just about squeeze into the 5 year plan.
Dave Burne
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Re: The 5 Year plan

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My eldest will be 17 so nice little jaunts down the loop, wye, usk and maybe things a little more pushy.
I want to have paddled the grand canyon.
I want to feel supported in my kayaking by my governing body..
Old School?? I miss my AQII..
Graham Stradling

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Re: The 5 Year plan

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Strad wrote:I want to feel supported in my kayaking by my governing body..
I want to fly to the river on my pet pig...

Joshua Kelly

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Re: The 5 Year plan

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Just being still able to paddle in 5 years time would be good!

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Re: The 5 Year plan

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Cut down my paddling for others. Enjoy time out with my partner and close friends whether on sunshine runs in the Alps, the Canyon for my 30th or playing on my local wave. More of the same please!

Don't care about the Grade - thats for egos. I want a level of enjoyment and above all with the danger of sounding like the ex student I am - Banter! No more wet tea towel personalities
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Re: The 5 Year plan

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feelingjustfine wrote:I'd really like to be able to roll with confidence.
I'll settle for still being able to fart with confidence.

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Re: The 5 Year plan

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To late for the "fart" thing i reckon.

"duo" is a grand idea,for many reasons.

Being in my mid-fifties,keeping fit will be my most pressing issue.If i manage to keep fit,i think my paddling will improve.But i am at that seesaw time where fitness will go,and hopefully experience will come into play more.So basically,if i can keep doing what i am doing now (3,4 and some 5),i will be over the moon.If i improve,that will be a bonus.If it all starts going downhill,well,there is the duo.

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