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River Rubbish/Litter

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:06 pm
by Zool
I paddled the River Tavy yesterday, its one of my locals, and I was appalled at the state of the river and river bank. Litter and general rubbish covers the banks all the way down from Tavistock to Lopwell Dam. As I said its one of my local rivers and i have not noticed it this bad before. I was on it at the end of Dec and there seems to be a remarkable increase in litter over the last month. I'm sure this problem is not confined to the river Tavy
and this has been mentioned lots of times, there are lots of river clean up programmes all around the country. (next weekend on the Dart if anyone is interested)
I know everyone has a responsibility to pick up rubbish and i do my bit. But who is actually responsible for cleaning up the river if anyone? Local council, Landowners, Environment Agency or all of them?
If this was a park then something would be done but the rivers seem to get left out.
Does anyone fancy getting together in Feb/Mar and doing a river clean of this great and often overlooked river?

Re: River Rubbish/Litter

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:40 pm
by Big Henry
It is probably due to the recent high waters where a lot of rubbish gets swept into the rivers by the significant rainfall and it then deposited on the banks when the river levels drop. Or is this kayak specific litter, as talked about in a previous thread?