Riot flare?

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Riot flare?

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Seen it in anger...!

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Whilst paddling out in Canada at end of June/July I was paddling out on the Habitat 67 wave in Montreal.

For two days on the the Riot guys was paddling a red version of the Flare, though he would not tell me what it was. In fact he seemed surprised I even noticed it was not a Turbo or an Air. Noticably he was not on the water when other Teams boaters turned up.

The boat looks exactly like the picture, it is basically an Air 55 front end welded to a Turbo back end. IT is fast as you would expect and was very loose, but that is as you would expect with an Air. It did seem to tracjk very well and the guy was getting good air (so was everyone though, the wave rocked)

My general impression was if you merge the plus points of the Air with the Plus points of the Turbo, well thats a Flare. So not so trippy off the tail, stable end to end (saw it on the flat) and fast down the line, twinned with the Airs bounce and looseness.

The fittings were standard Riot

Not a bad boat, but it did me to ask why had they gone away from their 2004/2005 design style in the Orbit and go back to a Corran style design from 2002/2003? Maybe Corran's design style was better or more "Riot"

I have no answers

Nice boat though, and looked like a boat with improved abilities over a ZG.


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Riot - just another clone. Welcome to corporate kayaking. How long before dragorossi goes down the same route?



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googles translation fails miserably this time :) or is it just the marketing speak confusing me... this bit was the highlight:

its nervousness and its passages of cross-sections to cross-sections celandines will give you the heart of Japanese a cook head![/url]

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I had heard that the new Riot for release at OR was an air with a bit stuck on the end. I didn't belive it but it appears to be true.

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I think the RIOT AIRBO would be a much more appropriate name

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I love the way that le flare is translated literally as "the sense of smell"..
makes the description quite bemusing..


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it has now appeared on

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