HF Serpant replacement

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HF Serpant replacement

Post by markrobinson_1 »

Well as happens things wear out, my girlfriends Serpent has seen many years of use and if finally giving up the ghost.

So, what's the nearest equivalent to a Serpent that I can get her? (Preferably something side entry)

Thanks in advance


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Re: HF Serpant replacement

Post by TheKrikkitWars »

I've known quite a few people go Serpent - Green Jacket, but she'd have to check that it fits her body shape comfortably...

The other side/fron entry options you have are:
  • The Palm Extreme Vest (my girlfriend is selling hers because it interferes with her roll (short person, big boat, anything other than a thin, flat ba stops her leaning forward enough to get her paddle out the water), so be aware of the size of the bump on the front)
  • The Stohlquist Descent (from rapid kayaks, i've only heard good things about them so far,but they're still rare)
  • The Kokatat Ronin Pro (which is available from I-Canoe or [if you ring up and ask] Summit to Sea)
  • The Yak Descent.

Joshua Kelly

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Re: HF Serpant replacement

Post by dirtbiker »

I went from a HF Serpent to a Palm Extrem Vest (EV) - have been very pleased with it. Definitely feels like a greater range of movement is possible.

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Re: HF Serpant replacement

Post by kayakgirlz »

Astraal green is great, with side entry, I love it!

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Re: HF Serpant replacement

Post by Rapid Kayaks »


Yak have a new Range of BA's coming out over the next couple of months!

http://www.crewsaver.co.uk/YAK/Yak_Prod ... l?catid=47




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