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Hi There,
Our boats are not insured - but recent break-ins near where we live has made us think that we should make sure they are covered.
What do other people do about insuring their boats - add it to household insurance or get specific insurance.


Chris Bolton
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This is a good question; I've had trouble with this in the past and am interested to know if the position has changed. My family and I have a number of boats (sea, river, competition, etc) and none gets very intensive use. The cost of insuring them for paddling risks is not worth it; it's cheaper to save the premiums and take care of them as far as possible. I did want to insure them, however, against normal household risks while stored, ie, fire and theft - same as all the other stuff in the garage. The house policy excludes boats, so I asked for clarification; could they be covered just as household item, not for use as boats? The answer was no. The only way to insure them was with a specific boat policy - which would be uneconomic.

So far I've been lucky; nothing's happened to them and I've saved the premium, but I'd like to know of companies which will insure boats as household goods.

Andy Wilson
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You may want to do a search for this subject as it has been covered in the past but FWIW my house insurance is with Cornhill and they insure my Kayak for the type of cover you have mentioned for the tiny sum of £6 (yep six pounds) per year. It is listed as a specific item and does not require a seperate boat insurance.

To be fair I have never had to claim and so truly cannot say how good the cover is but it does give me some peace of mind. It isn't covered whilst in use however, which Cornhill don't offer and I consider the other insurers to be too expensive.


chris bainbridge nli

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Hi I have just renewed our travel insurance with a company called Fortis which covers four of us worlwide for injury, and cancellations, sports are included including whitewater rafting and other watersports. We deleted the baggage and possessions sections. We have these and the boats covered on our household insurance with Norwich Union. Our broker has just checked with them that the specified boats are covered in use on any water. Norwich Union do not spcify or exclude the water but the craft must be under 5 metres in length!!

Our brokers were great at organising this, Sherwin Insurance, 01332 372387. A lady called Kelly.

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In a past life I was "the man from the Pru", or one of them at least! I still use them for household cover, and included in the policy are "personal possesions" max £1000, worldwide, which includes "sporting goods"

Cost was minimal - £6 from the previous post is about right!
Of course a new boat, paddle, BA, helmet etc will soon pass the £1000 mark, but the chances of losing the lot in one hit is remote!

Shop around - every policy is different

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Best watch out for the the Prus 'personal possesions' stuff - especially the sporting goods cover - as I tried to claim on this and was told that "boats aren't covered" - so I wouldn't rely on it.

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i am also insured by norwich union and i would say check direct. I have not had to claim but when i renewed my household policy i was told that they could not would not be covered on household policy.

so please check direct with the company.

(sorry for spellings cant spell but hey)

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I was previously with Direct Line for household insurance and was covered for boat/kit.

Just renewing and Norwich union were cheaper on the annual policy (with all the ancillary bits like accidental dmage, cover out of home etc) but I have been told they specifically EXCLUDE any watersports kit.
Ive argued the toss with them to no avail.

Their policy document incidentally does state it excludes "boats" in the "personal posessions away from home section", (and camping equipment it seems!), but no where else in the document are watersports equipments excluded - but the fine customer service folk on their phone system are adamant that watersports kit isnt covered whatsoever -even if its stolen from your home/garden shed etc, despite the exlclusion not appearing anywhere other than the possession from home section.)

Anyway, long story short, if you are renewing a Norwich Union Household policy and expect your boat / paddles / kit to be covered as contents, check yor renewal docs carefully as they may not be covered at all (if they have informed me correctly that is).

In fact general rule of thumb whoever you're with check your renewals - in my experience they have a nasty habit of changing policies and conditions year to year and sneaking in exclusions etc.


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I would be very sceptical of that. The policy schedule has to make it perfectly clear what is covered and what is not, and if watersports equipment is not excluded in writing, it is not excluded at all. But do read the small print very carefully!
Steve Balcombe

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Post by ChrisMac »

I had a similar experience with Norwich Union and they said I had to take out a separate policy from them if I wanted to cover the boats. Needless to say I wnet elsewhere

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Direct Line

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Our house is insured with Direct Line.

I was told that 'watercraft' are covered as 'contents' but NOT as 'personal possessions'. So, if they're stolen from our (locked) garage, we're covered but if they're stolen from the car roof rack or trashed on the river, they're not.

I therefore insure my creek boat through NW Brown for UK boating, but don't bother insuring the play boats and sea kayaks. Snowcard year round cover for abroad. They've both paid up after write offs in use on the water recently, which is what matters.

Chris W.

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