River leading canoes and kayaks

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River leading canoes and kayaks

Post by Mad_Erik »

If you have 4 star in canoe, and you are in a river environment within the remit of your award are you allowed to have a kayak in the group you are leading? (all paddlers capable of paddling on that grade of water without being coached)

I was wondering about this because most groups in our club are a mixture of canoes and kayaks.

If you ahve both 4 stars can you lead in a canoe and have a kayak in your group?
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Re: River leading canoes and kayaks

Post by Wilf »

Hi Erik,

You don't need an award to lead either. It's all about appropriate experience.
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Re: River leading canoes and kayaks

Post by twopigs »

Probably if you have 4* canoe you should not have a kayak in the group depending upon your leadership.

Pragmatically so long as you can lead the group safely and can deal with any problems it probably does not matter what sort of craft you have......
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Re: River leading canoes and kayaks

Post by Mark Thompson »

The award says you are competant to paddle on a set grade in a particular craft. If you hold both kayak and canoe then the answer is eaily yes. However logistically this can be difficult to manage and speed difference and tiredness can become a problem on trips. Clubs like to stick by qualifications as a rule to protect its memebers. Coaches may take mis=xed groups out, so if the peopl paddling are competent and you feel confident in your ability to send communication, lead and help rescue then take them with you.
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Re: River leading canoes and kayaks

Post by Adrian Cooper »

If you are concerned about what the BCU actually say you can do with your qualification (remit), they seem to specifically use the term 'paddlers' rather than kayakers or canoeists. On the basis that the BCU know what they are talking about, one can assume that they used this term for a reason.

The 5* is very much more specific about the type of craft.

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Re: River leading canoes and kayaks

Post by Gwilym »

http://www.canoe-england.org.uk/media/p ... 270309.pdf

It does specifically state Open Canoe on this document BUT as a previous poster says it is not up to the BCU to decide your remit, it is for you to decide what you have the experience to do

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