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bugs bunny
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Paddle grip

Post by bugs bunny »

I find the glass shafts on my new paddles very slippy. What do people recommend applying to implove grip? Thx.

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Post by kaspian »

I have used self-amalgamating tape. Works really well and doesn't come unstuck when it gets wet. Wind it tight round the shaft and leave it a few days to set. One layer will probably do, but you can build up layers to get a thicker grip. Once set, it feels rubbery and slightly sticky. Excellent grip.

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Post by Rockrat »


I use surfboard wax on my paddle shaft. Somewhere like Robin Hood Watersports or Brookbank should stock it, but i did find it on I only use it on the control hand section of the paddle. There's isn't much point increasing the friction on the sliding hand; I think that it'll just lead to more blisters.
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James Hartley
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Damn Rockrat beat me to it posting at the same time. Oh well nevermind!

Sex wax (surfers wax). I always put some on before paddling, even if its only flat water, just rub it around where my right grips (I'm right handed) before setting off. Its got to the point that is has become a little ritual and if I don't do it, it pits a hex on the whole thing.
Different brands about but I think they are all pretty much the same, but for some reaon they all have weird names, mine is Mr Zoggs quick humps sex wax! for some unknown reason, its fairly cheap I think mine cost £1 and it lasts for ages
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Post by Jim »

I find wax rips my hands up and makes a mess on hot days when it melts on the car seats and my legs.

Instead I just get some fine wet and dry paper (P400 ish) and gently abrade the grip area to take the slipperiness off and give a more grippable matt finish. Just the surface resin though, don't go down to the fibre reinforcement.


Steve B
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Post by Steve B »

As Jim suggests, use an abrasive but only the tiniest amount just to take the new shiny surface off. You don't want a coarse surface, just one that's not slippery.

Unlike Jim I do like wax. One option is to use it on the control side only, which will avoid excessive friction when feathering.
Steve Balcombe

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Post by ChrisMac »

A handfull of silt from the eddy when you get on rubbed over the shaft works wonders at improving the grip


Post by Patch »

Wax is addictive, kick the habbit..!! My experience anyway, once you start you crave it, the one time it wears off and you forgot some you hate life....

I find electrical tape works the best for me. I use either and AT2 or AT4, One wrap seems to last at least a season....

Someone mentioned using silt from the eddy, I actually find this makes things a whole lot worse, likewise paddling a silty river I find makes for a slipper paddle shaft than cleaner rivers.... but hey that may just be me

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