AT Flexi Paddle Experiences

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AT Flexi Paddle Experiences

Post by Steve0 »

Has anyone tried them? Are they any good? What where your thoughts?

I've been getting some elbow problems recently and was wondering if the AT Flexi design would be good for me.

Do they work and is there a noticeable trade-off?



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Re: AT Flexi Paddle Experiences

Post by sprintpaddler »

Hi Steve,
I`ve only been paddling for eighteen months so I can`t speak as an expert, but I`ve owned Werner, Lendal, & now AT flexi, & while I wouldn`t belittle the two former paddles, I have found the AT`s to be superb in every way. You mention "trade-off," I`m assuming you mean the notion that the flexi shaft may limit ultimate performance for a more forgiving & comfortable feel? If so, have to say that I find they offer both great performance & comfort. They are teriffically light, & the design of the crank suits me perfectly, & I cannot find fault with them, although they are pricey! I`d recommend you try them.

Glyn B
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Re: AT Flexi Paddle Experiences

Post by Glyn B »

I've had mine for 7 years now and bought them because of elbow problems. They worked and I wouldnt use anything else now.

These are the paddles I sawed in half to test the zero feather theory and believe me when I admit I sweated a bit as the blade dug into the shaft!

They are a wee bit heavier than the equivalent double diamonds but I like that extra solidity and the nylon edging has certainly minimised the wear rate.

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Re: AT Flexi Paddle Experiences

Post by morsey »

I've been using a pair of AT4 Flexi 191cm, for Playboating, for 6 years now.

I much prefer the Crank on the AT Paddles to the Werner Crank that I use as my Creeking Paddles (Stikine 197cm). I have a pair of AT Eddys too but at 199cm I find them a little too long for Creeking, but would use them if they were a little shorter (or I were a little stronger!) so I mainly use the Eddys for River Trips due to the length.

I'm 5'10" and 91kg, Paddle a Kingpin 6.3, Nomad 8.5 and Axiom 9.0 if that helps

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