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boats without pillars advice

Post by stu the painting paddler »

Hi all.
I currently paddle a Diesel 70 on grade 3 water and find her ok. Only problem is i have damaged an ankle and it doesnt now like being stuck in a boat with a central pillar. I do wear 5 10s at the min which admittedly doesn't help the situation but even wearing my old tevas i find it a struggle and usually end up exiting the boat and falling flat on my face due to ankle caving in. I need more foot room so was thinking no central pillar. Only doing grade 3 so i'm thinking a pillarless boat should be ok at that grade as regards pinning etc so not to worried bout safety issues.
Any boat with good footroom would be ok (apart from a medium burn) but preferrably not something too edgy in case i do step up a grade (not too likely)
another bonus would be a strong boat as they do tend to part company with me sometimes
I was considering Salto evo habitat 74 or prijon pure
Any one got opinions on which one to consider with me being 5' 7" and weighing 72kg when kitted up???


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Re: boats without pillars advice

Post by mattdennies »

Have you considered taking the pillar out and cutting away the area around around where your feet are for extra foot room?
This will give you the foot space you need yet keep the pillar there to step out on if you get pinned.

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Re: boats without pillars advice

Post by Pyro »

Hiya Stu. I paddle an older (2001) Salto now, and can safely say I love it. It's fast, responsive, forgiving and easy to roll. I haven't found the lack of a pillar to be an issue, and in fact it makes fitting my camera bag in a damn sight easier than it was in my M3. The boat narrows down bu the front a lot, but I'm 5'10" and still have plenty of foot room. You may be a little light for the Salto, potentially, but as strength's on your criteria list, both Eskimo and Prijon have the reputation for nukeproofness.
I've not paddled the Evo version yet, but assuming it builds on the older design, I reckon I'd be happy with one. Best tip would, as always, be to try and demo and see what you think for yourself.
Hope that helps.
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Re: boats without pillars advice

Post by -Ginge- »

I think the important thing to consider here is that most boats are designed with pillars because they need them, takig it out on any grade will weaked the boat. Secondly the Salto is designed without a pillar so thus designed to be as strong without the need.

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