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Pyrenees Trip 21/04/11 - 08/05/11

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:04 pm
by Wavesportzg54
We have had a dropout for our trip on the above dates of grade 3,4 & 5 boating in the Pyrenees. So looking for one more person or two more with a car..

The plan is to hit as many river basins as possible hitting all the top runs, i've been to parts of the pyrenees before and its filled with awesome creeks.

Check out the link below and also the guide. ... =9&t=74283 ... ables.html

This is an idea of costs:

Calculated between 3 people in 1 car hiring 1 additonal car:
1. Ferries - £80 / 3 = £26.66pp
2. Car Insurance & Breakdown Cover £60.10 / 3 = £20.03pp
3. 2 Nights Driving (Calais Ferry – Toulouse Airport) 1200 Miles & £89.50 Tolls = £264.04 / 3 = £88.01pp
4. 9 Nights Camping = £64.35pp
5. 6 Nights Rough Camping
6. Food & Drink £200pp
7. Car Hire @ Toulouse £407.20 / 3 = £135.73pp or (+£84.00 with insurance waiver = £491.20 / 3 = £163.73pp)
8. Additional Fuel 2x Cars 2400 miles £350 / 3 = £116.36
Estimated Total = £651.14pp or £679.14pp including insurance waiver

If two more people fancy it then cost for 4 with 2 cars would be about £550 each

Contact Michael 07793030772


Re: Pyrenees Trip 21/04/11 - 08/05/11

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:13 am
by Andy H
I went down to the pyrenees a couple of years ago and we manages to get the price down a lot more that you have calculated if you drive all the way

Ferry dover to calais 100 quid return, fuel 500 quid, tolls about 50 quid each way (go down the west side of france via paris and rueon as once you get down past paris there is a mega long section with no tolls and we hired a mobile home at Sort (river noguara Pallarasa) for 300 euros. So for a group of 4 of us it was only 250 quid each minus food and beer. The down side it is a bloody long way to drive took us about 14hours from Calais to Sort.

However this is only 1 car. I see you have calculated for 2 cars. but we found the locals was very friendly (Spanish side) and we didnt have a problem hitching for lifts when shuttling.

I priced it on us Flying and hireing as well and it was simular to your price about 150 flight to toulouse (with boat) 400 hire of car for a week and about 200 quid fuel then 300 quid accomdation. So for a group of 4 of us about 400 quid each but the down side is you are limited with gear.

Have a good un out there and if you have the Pyrenees WW book by Patrick Santal be a little careful with the discriptions and put ins/outs as this book is now 20 years old and there has been new barrages built and lot of changes on some rivers (new rapids etc) as we found out by going around a bend and being faced with a 150 foot dam that wasnt mentioned in the book.

If you want any info on the rivers around Sort give me a shout, We found some cracking steep stuff not in the book.


Re: Pyrenees Trip 21/04/11 - 08/05/11

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:35 pm
by Wavesportzg54
Last call for this.. Such a pity to cancel what could have bee an awesome trip..