River Eamont... egress advice

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River Eamont... egress advice

Post by alcee »

Stop me if you've heard this one before....

I am looking at running the eamont in december.

I would like some more information on the egress in Eamont bridge. UKRGB says

"Egress at Eamont Bridge near Penrith. Or take out 2 km downstream at Brougham Castle, river right immediately after the large bridge before passing under the A66 (537292). There's a parking area just before this bridge. This is where the river meets the Lowther and becomes the Eden."

but gives no detailed info on the get-out at Eamont bridge. I'd like to get out there to shorten the trip and miss out the final wiers.
Can anyone give me a grid ref, or directions to the get-out at Eamont bridge, and if there's anyone i need to contact for that apart from the Access officer?

Thank you....it'll be a long day if i have to drive around to find somewhere suitable!!


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Re: River Eamont... egress advice

Post by matt_outandabout »

Get out is river right, immediately above the main road bridge. There is a rough private road along there, residents were very happy for us to throw a boat on a roof there in the past but not park.

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Re: River Eamont... egress advice

Post by Jay Oram »

The way we usually paddle it, drive over Eamont bridge directly after the bridge by the traffic lights on the right coming from the A66 there is a small road.

On the first corner on the right is a patch of mud/grass opposite a driveway, right next to the arch on the bridge, we usually park one car here, not blocking anyone in and discreetly changing further down the lane. Never had a problem. Small path down to the river by where you park the car. Easy to see on the river and you can see the car.

Or another alternative is to park by the next bridge upstream, under the M6, almost directly after the caravan park on the right after the longer weir. For this drive over eamont bridge from the A66, carry on straight until a mini - roundabout, take the right hand turning towards Pooley bridge and take the next right hand turn by a large triangle rock with a sign on it (cant remember what it is?) follow the road down under the motorway bridge and park under it, or a place out of the way. Check out the get out, should be a bit steep, fake stone bank. It's harder to get out here when there is a good flow, but easier to change here and park more than one car.

Hope this helps,


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