Wavesport Fuse or Jackson Fun

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Wavesport Fuse or Jackson Fun

Post by michelin »

I am looking into buying a river running playboat as I already have a full on playboat and the two I've narrowed it down to is either a Wavesport project 56 or a Jackson4Fun.I want a boat for going down rivers mainly but still be able to have a bit of a play on the way down.So basically which one of these do you think has the better outfitting and is the more comfy to be in,which is better at running rivers,which is better at playboating etc, and which is the better of the two .I won't be doing any big rivers only stuff like Trywyren and the DEE.I know most of you will say demmo but I really just want peoples thoughts on these two great boats.

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Re: Wavesport Fuse or Jackson Fun

Post by notverygoodroller »

Not paddled a Fun, but paddled a Fuse on flat water.

Feels pretty nice, comfy outfitting.

More play than river, and more 'play-y' than my Recoil (aimed at the same kind of thing).

It feels like it has quite high bounancy, and turns on a sixpence. The hull feels pretty loose, so feels like catching smaller eddies in it could be harder than in a longer, more precise boat. Its also very slow, but thats only on flat water, and its still faster than a full on playboat (but only just...)

Hope this helped.

Edit: Just noticed you said Fuse in the title, and project 56 in the body of your post.

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Re: Wavesport Fuse or Jackson Fun

Post by Alec Ferris »

I would point out that the Fuse and Fun are significantly more expensive than most other riverplayers on the market. If you're after a playful all-rounder, the Big Dog Havoc would be a cheaper option.
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Re: Wavesport Fuse or Jackson Fun

Post by steveg »

It's got to be the 4Fun every time!
Oh and did I mention, I'll be selling one in August.


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Re: Wavesport Fuse or Jackson Fun

Post by Mission »

havent paddled the fuse but had a fun on a trip before. Love the boat though i found it a little hard to throw around, didnt like the outfitting too much. Could never get the jam cleats to work properly.

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Re: Wavesport Fuse or Jackson Fun

Post by AdurYakker »

Having paddled both, i would reccomend the Fun, it's still easy to throw around but has enough speed to keep you going through the white stuff.
However the Fuse has more volume, and if you're not looking to play every feature on the way down (unlike me!) it is probably a better river-runner.

A factor you may want to consider is what you paddle at the moment, I Paddle a jackson allstar, and so I find the Fun to be more familiar and easier to use, whereas if i paddled a project, i'm sure i'd find the Fuse easier.........

The Fun has a better reputation, but it is really down to personal preference!

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