Uganda Night time temp.

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Uganda Night time temp.

Post by RVabdn »

Hi could anyone tell me what the temperature is at night in Uganda? We're going to be there next month and I'm trying to decide what sleeping bag to take.

Richard Veitch

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Re: Uganda Night time temp.

Post by BigPhil »

You will probably be so drunk that it won't make any difference. I took a 1 season bag, others just a sheet. It is fairly consistent year round.

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Re: Uganda Night time temp.

Post by afkt »

I'm going out there then as well, people I'v spoken to have taken a thin sleeping bag and ended up using just a liner most nights, but still appreciated having the bag on cold(er) nights. I'll see you there (i'll be the idiot doing everything upside down!)

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Re: Uganda Night time temp.

Post by flea »

Its a bit cooler in July than Jan/Feb time. I was grateful for a thick hoody in the evenings when I went in July (although I'm not too good with the cold) and wrapped myself in my sleeping bag at night. Although a one/two season sleeping bag is still plenty.

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Re: Uganda Night time temp.

Post by DaveWortley »

I went in July and it was warm enough if you were inside in 1 season sleeping bag, if you were in a tent it occasionally got a little bit chilly if it was raining all night, but there's usually a few blankets around to steal down at the Lemon, and I was normally too drunk to notice when I was up at NRE. Definetly take a Hoody tho at that time of year, but don't worry during the day when it's not raining it'll be really nice and at that time of year it was nicer than in October as you got some cloud cover to provide a welcome bit of shade quite a lot instead of day long blistering-sun-burning heat.

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Re: Uganda Night time temp.

Post by will clark »

It's a bit cooler at the moment - but if you're just gonna stay around Bujagali and the Lemon then it's really not that cold. I'd bring a small one and if you're cold on the first couple of nights then you can buy yourself a blanket for a few quid - will save you space for your flight.

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