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Re: Tummel Release

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Hi guys,

In response, at this point that is what it is, very low key and initial discussion. I would say, to take it forwards, we need to keep the potential changes to the release as basic and straightforward as we can. To over complicate things would invariably give concerns to SSE on the management and control of such.
The hydro have a set amount of water that they can (have to) release each year and we cannot change that. Potentially, through discussion, we can change the manner in which that amount of water is released. SSE will not enter into anything that will set them back financially, such as extra staffing, extra water or anything else that may cost them.
As I have stated, I do not wish to get involved with anything that may come back and "bite me on the bum" from one group or another.
The basic suggestion here is as follows:

We ask SSE for a release, starting from the first weekend in MAY, from 08.00 on a saturday morning through until 17.00 and the same on sunday.
The reasons for these timings is quite simply because there are SSE personell on duty at these times to control the releases. ( I, personally, did think all these releases were centrally controlled by computer and we are awaiting verification on this issue.)

Historically the release has been from 16.00 friday to 08.00 monday so the extra water would obviously give us higher levels at these times.

Most importantly, this is very much the early stages of these talks and facts have to be ascertained rather than heresay.

I will keep you all informed with these discussions but as said, only want to act in the best interests of all river users and environmental issues.

Cheers guys


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Re: Tummel Release

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Hi guys,
Great discussion that is being had here, the sort of thing that should happen everywhere.

A couple of thoughts though:
• you will need to discuss & agree this with SEPA, not SSE as SEPA under the Water Framework directive control all of the freshet releases
• if that is the case, you will need to consult and be seen to consult with all river users
• you may need to employ a consultant to demonstrate that fish stocks will not be affected (that is why there are freshets)

The best bet from the rafters may very well be to involve the River Tay access issues & use this to reduce pressure/conflict on the Tay.....
Neil Farmer (from mobile)

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Re: Tummel Release

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Neil is correct that SEPA has the responsibility to make the decision. However they will only consider making a change when all players are agreed. So Scottish Hydro have to agree first before going to SEPA. The fisheries board are probably the other key player however it would be better and perhaps necessary to carry the local access forum and certainly any other local interests. Both Hydro and SEPA will require a consensus before agreeing changes. I think it unlikely they would demand a fisheries consultant's report since the proposed regime with appropriate ramp up and down will likely be seen as no better or worse, probably an improvement on the existing freshet. Certainly if their is a consensus any proposal will be an improvement in terms of the Water Framework Directive as it would promote the social and economic strands. Of course that does not stop them asking for a report.

This does show the benefit of building relationships with bodies like the Tay Salmon Fisheries Board. For them in particular we have shared interests in projects like the re flowing of the Perthshire Garry, interest in the releases on the Lyon and the usual possible tensions over paddling and angling. Releases on the Tummel are seen to take some of the load from the more contentious Tay.

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