Stikine Film

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ali marshall
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Stikine Film

Post by ali marshall »

Hey there
Here is a short film about a little river in BC we paddled last year.
Help you get through monday.


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Re: Stikine Film

Post by yurperjoe »

Thanks i think!
The least scarey thing on the video is the BEAR;)
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Re: Stikine Film

Post by justin-g »

Hi Ali - i saw at the end of the clip that someone called Timothy Star was on the trip??? Is this the same Tim Star who lived in NZ for a number of years - i know he was originally Canadian so it seems to make sense. If it is is there a chance of you PM'ing me his email as he is an old friend.

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Re: Stikine Film

Post by BigPhil »

Nice work man, I'd love to hear what you have in mind next...


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Diamond Dave
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Re: Stikine Film

Post by Diamond Dave »

Beaut! One day...
Dave Burne
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George Fell
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Re: Stikine Film

Post by George Fell »

The most useful 3 min 32 sec of my day so far...
Nice video.

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Re: Stikine Film

Post by foggybear »

Well that wetted the appetite then.... where to go .... Oh all i have at the mo is Hurley on 2 ... no comparison. superb boating big respect!!

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Re: Stikine Film

Post by Sickboy »

Great stuff, mucho envy, cheered me up no end..
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Re: Stikine Film

Post by Dug »

Respect that is one sweet video and one scarey looking river!

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