Drying Kit

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Drying Kit

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Hi guys,
We've recently acquired a new 'boathouse' for the Stockton campus of Durham Uni. However, its basically just a metal container. We have a slight problem that when kit gets put away wet there's no real airflow or outlet for any water, so kit doesn't really dry. We're worried about problems with kit going moldy etc., and also its always nice to start a session in dry kit!
I was just wondering if others in the same situation have any potential solutions. As it is just a metal box there's no opportunity for electricity for a dehumidifier or anything...not even a light!
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Re: Drying Kit

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An industrial amount if silica beads maybe?
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Re: Drying Kit

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How about a few of the wind powered roof vents that you commonly see on vans/buses etc?

Obviously not as effective on a stationary unit than a moving vehicle, but it does mention cabins/caravans on a manufacturers site. Though you could always use the basic unit and put some extended rotors on it (since you want to optimise obtaining power from the wind and are not worried about drag as you would be on a vehicle)

http://www.flettner.co.uk/home.htm although the cheapest way to pick some up is probably by removing them from some scrapyard vans.

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Re: Drying Kit

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Cut a hole about 100mm x 200mm as low as posible and same as high as posible and as far away as posible from first hole. Fit louvre grilles to stop animal ingress. Temperature differential between hi & low will do the work. This is the basis of all non powered ventilation and works well. Drill a few drain holes in the floor too to remove any larger quantities dripping from the gear.
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