Kit you've broken and how

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Kit you've broken and how

Post by steveparry »

Any funny ones?

I'll start with a mate with some brand new Gorillas which he stated proudly were unbreakable. First bridge we come to he floats through with the paddles horizontal, unfortunately the gap was narrower than the paddles (dog with stick wider than the gap effort) large snap later...breakable.

Fortunately he was OK, but very very annoyed.

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Post by mharrall »

Microbat – Picked up a couple of deep scores in the hull somewhere or other. One of the scores finally turned into a split whilst on the Romanche in France. Bodged it up to use in Scotland the same year, only to find the other score turned into a split on the Etive.


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Speared by a Millenium Falchion

Post by nichburton »

Palm Aquabat - A LONG, LONG time ago, while surfing. A friend decided to steer his (Millenium) Falchion 385 into me as an amusing joke to capsize me. With a big splash, his boat hit and I got both a very dead leg and a swamped boat - only once the water had cleared did I realise that my deck was still on, but the Falchion had literally speared the top deck of my boat, creating a split hole about 20cms across. I was not amused....

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Post by SANDY0728 »

Managed to write off my trusty Dancer.

Paddling the Liffey descent, came to the (last?) weir - a large V-shaped affair.

Came to paddle over it, and promptly stopped dead. The rescue blokes looked on in amusment as I flailed around trying to rock my boat of the weir.

Eventually the front of the boat fills with enough water to drag it over the edge and down the weir.

Turns out I was sat on a metal spike, which had pierced the bottom of the boat - uncomfortably close to my groin!!!!!

At least I didnt swim though!

And managed to blag/hitch my boat and myself back to the finish!

And got £50 out of the insurance....... Bonus.


james c
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Post by james c »

a mate of mine broke his false tooth by hitting himself in the mouth with his paddle shaft on a relativley flat section of river in the french alps (cant remember exactly where) . the best bit was that it was exactly a year to the day since he crashed a quad bike into a landrover knocking out his original , real tooth ! the 10th July has been known as 'tooth day' ever since .

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Post by FreshAl »

a friend who'll probably be grateful to remain anonymous broke his brand new paddles within 3 hours of leaving the shop.

After his first paddle with the new blades, he decided to get out via a "dry dismount" (bow-stall in front of the bank, then kind of press up and flick so the boat lands out of the water). He managed this quite sucessfully, and landed *CRACK* on top of the paddle shaft.

Death from laughter was a real posibility :)

Otherwise, I've broken a pair of Madyaker paddles, and my Micro got broken whilst on loan.

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Post by Jules »

A few years back I was surfing my new Jester Titan at 'The Trap', a rock reef just outside Aberystwyth harbour. I went for a loop catching the bow in between two rock and "snap", a noseless boat. Thank you to Malcolm for his excellent repair job!

A few months later, whilst taking a (heavy) boat off my car roof rack I slipped and dropped it...right on top of the recently repaired Jester. "Pop" the seams virtually split from end to end. I had to repair that one myself.

Still surfs well though!


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Post by Kwantas »

A friend broke his gorrillas too by leaving them behind a van. Duck taped them up though and went surfing. One big wave hit him and he was left with one half of a paddle.
I split the front of my nano on langstrath beck but fixed it.
Then got a salto which i split after a weekend of small becks again on langstrath. Fixed it and then split it again on the stupid rapid on the swale with a stone in the middle of it.
Gettin back propperly fixed with nose cone soon though :)
Tim Kwant

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Post by Dug »

Smashed my gorillaz paddle shaft on the lyon in a case of me or the paddle bouncing off a rock, prompty capsized and dropped half the paddle to roll up :-(.

I know someone who bent their slalom boat by pinning themselves on an iron grating too!!!


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Post by Niall Milner »

Snapped my Lendal Mania's in France a few years ago, on the Upper Guisane.

It was still near the top and I avoided a tree in the river by paddling hard towards a stony bank in the middle of the river. An edge of the boat dug into the stones and flipped me onto them. As I went over I placed the paddles across my face for protection. As if having your friends come round the corner to see you capsized out of the water wasn't embarassing enough, taking your first paddle stroke and snapping your paddles in half certainly was!

Obviously we didn't have any splits. So, I paddled the rest of the river in a semi C1 style with one blade and half a shaft rammed down the back of my bouyancy aid.

Unsurprisingly I portaged the interesting rapid near the road! Got the rest of it done though. Got odd looks coming into Serre Chevalier(?).............

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Accident Prone

Post by Rockrat »


Borken three pieces of canoeing gear, but luckily not on the water.
1. My Shred Ready Supper Scrappy. Got one of the mono-filiment lines stuck in the HOG system, but managed to fix that after a couple of hours with a screwdriver.
2. My airbag valve. It broke off keeping the bag inflated.
3. My dad's drain plug on his Sparc. Emptying the water out of it when cleaning it before a pool session and rolled the boat over onto the plug, breaking the glue and detaching it from the string.
Iain Robinson

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Post by Mark R »

Paddles. Endless pairs. Invariably on the first day of a trip to a foreign country where being left-handed is illegal.
Mark Rainsley


Post by Guest »

band new river racer, second time used snapped it in half after swimming :(

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Post by ol »

Broken two pairs of 5:10's, by removing them from the box and wearing them...

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Broken kit

Post by Terryg »

2 Creek 280's:

One on the Lyn, found a terminal split in the hull after getting off the water, no idea when it happened.

One on the Gyr. Portaged the Dam and got on the Gyronde, hadn't got far when I realised the boat was sinking fast. Inspection revealed an 8" split.

Various sets of paddles over the years.

A slalom boat ( Image) torn apart in the wier at Shepperton.

Can't remember the number of repairs to damaged glass fibre kayaks over the years.

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Post by Jim »

Broken some pieces of Lendal split paddles (always due to not having tightened them and them coming slightly apart in use as far as I can tell), generally one of the blades breaks at the joint after it has worked loose a bit because I didn't tighten it enough. This generally occurs running something, the last drop on the Coe being an example, a "playhole" on the Dosewallips being another. In the first instance I rolled on the other side, J-stroked to the bank and swapped for my own werners which Gary Restall was walking down the bank with in search of his boat having broken his Gorillas a few days before. In the latter instance, I rolled with the other side, J-stroked to the bank, climbed out in an awkward spot, discovered by some miracle that I was carrying a matching blade (splits were split between us), then found the rest of the spigot jammed in the shaft and struggled to hook it out, whilst all the time the rest ofthe group was around the corner out of sight, aware I was safe but with no idea what the delay was!

By far the funniest though, has to be a demo boat I had for a session on the Tummel. The cartwheel hole on the Tummel is kind of shallow and it is not unusual to scrape a rock as you do it. Unfortunately when I went to take the boat back to the shop the following day this trickle of water appeared, and on closer inspection I had split the seam from the nose to the footrest bolts....... I never even hit it hard!


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Flying kayak

Post by JMT »

Put a hole series of deep grooves in the bonnet of my car by not braking hard enough, when my sons boat came flying off the roof at a (fortunately quiet) road junction - he does know how to tie boats on now!
Keep pushing for fair access to all rivers (or better still, just go and paddle them!).

Mike Tinnion

Andy Wilson
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Post by Andy Wilson »

I've had the speared kayak and stuck on a weir antics that a couple of other people have mentioned but the best one I remember was when on a paddling holiday in Turkey.

Speeding down the coast road in our hired Lada at about 70 MPH (must have had a tail wind and been going downhill) when I hear a whump sound.

I look in the rear view mirror not knowing what I expect to see but it certainly wasn't a Mountain 300 and Rotobat still tied tightly to the roof rack doing a triple forward sommersault with pike along the road behind us.

Much screeching of brakes followed, which was drowned out by expletives, the crunch of gears and the screaming of the gearbox as we reversed up to survey the carnage.

Both boats now sporting much squarer ends than they started with and one airbag lost to the four winds.

A few screws and rope tricks later with the roofrack tied so tight to the car that it was never going to come off again, we continued on to another 10 days of fantastic paddling.


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Post by Tom_Laws »

possibly the most random

ive snapped a set of paddles because they were left in a field by the boats while we got out of wet kit and were trampled by a herd of cows. gutted!!

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Post by Mark R »

I have carelessly broken a number of friends whilst paddling in the past...the names Tim Rex, Alex Coon, Steph Dvits spring to mind among others.
Mark Rainsley

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hard as spuds

Post by quidity »

I broke my Lendal Kinetics when I threw them at a pink spud. Most annoying/amusing, depending on your being me or not.

Most amusing other item was someone reversing over their helmet at the put in to Chateaux Q, sending it flying half way to the road over the park. It was cheering that it took a couple of moments to before it cracked.

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Re: Liffey Descent

Post by mharrall »

Paddling the Liffey descent, came to the (last?) weir - a large V-shaped affair.
There are two large Vee shaped weires on the Liffey, they are both quite near to the end of the race but they are not the last weirs. The first one is called 'Wren's nest' the second one is called 'Palmestown'. You'll be glad to know that you did the best part of the race, and if you broke up on Palmerstown (which I suspect you did), you only missed out on a fairly easy and usually quite dry sloping weir. Oh, and a long slog to the end.

Another one just came to mind whilst reading the one about the Lada. A friend of mine is in the habbit of carrying his boat inside his people carrier. This is a great idea because you don't need to keep putting your roof rack on. At least, it's a great idea until you brake hard to avoid hitting a dog and your boat slides forward and smashes your front window!


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Fibre Galss Snipe

Post by SteveJ »

While paddling the Ure in my old fibreglass snipe tried to punch through a wave little realising it was covering a rather large rock. Completly telescoped the first 18 inches of the bow. Boat was never the same again even though it was repaired with fibreglass tape. Front end of the boat had the weight and performance of a tank.

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Post by David Fairweather »

I terminated a Riot Booster by um, paddling it as far as I can tell. Actually, Riot boats in general seem to be getting a fair old bashing over on TWP at the moment

Si C
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broken kit

Post by Si C »

I broke a roof rack strap whilst tying the boats on top of the uni minibus a few years ago. Not the most expensive item to replace, but when your leaning out on the edge of the bus to get as much tension on it, and the strap is all that is stopping you from an 8/10ft backward drop to the concrete floor, its kind of more important. luckly somehow i manged to land on my feet and do a backwards roll type-thing. if I'd have landed flat on my back it may have not only the strap that was broken...

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Post by Darryl »

I broke my Protec helmet on the Colca, was a couple of days into a multidayer and got pushed hard into an undercut wall at the bottom of a drop, was either take the hit on my shoulder (broken/dislocated shoulders not worth thinking about on the colca) or use my head to cushion the blow....

sweet spot coaching
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errm this was a while ago

Post by sweet spot coaching »

Funnyest thin i broke, well not funny at the time, but is now was my dads brand new interlude open canoe.

he had waited for it to be imported, he had had it 3 days, thats it count them 1 2 3 and i borrwed it to go for a paddle, 15, i can do anything!!!!

we were only doing the ribble, so not that hard, did all the rapids, got to the end, and started to chat to a few ppl, then bump, ooo, i had hit a rock, o well no worries, i jsut lean towards it and the canoe should slip off? yeah??? noooooo

Upstream side sunk, the boat wrapped around the rock, snapped a seat and both Gun Whales and it was a nightmare, we got the boat off, folded it up in the back of my mates van and took it back home. I was so so populare when i got back :(


Bent boat

Post by DaveyW »

A mate of mine was running a short grade IV rapid (i was on throwbag duty). She bounced off one rock and went bang straight in to another one at the bottom of a small, but tight drop. She bent the front of her Perception Shock from a nice smooth bow to one pointing straight up towards the sky. A classic comedy moment (after i knew she was ok), although she wasn't too impressed.

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Post by Mathew »

I broke a pair of yellow schlegals in the alps last summer, typically it was on the 2nd day and on some crappy grade III bit of the upper guisane. I boofed over a rock, landed sideways (leaning upstream) in a small stopper, rolled and when I rolled back up, half the blade was missing.

Luckily, Desperate Measures were staying at the campsite while we were there and I bought a nice set of Robson's from them.

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Post by Bertie.. »

I did the old 'I thought you'd tied it down' mistake with a friends brand new surfboard once.

He was convinced I'd tied it down, I was convinced he'd tied it down. Neither had, and I decided to pull a handbrake turn in his road (in my youth) only to see the board fly through the air!

Thank god for Rhino surfboard bags :-)

Not quite a kayaking story, but it was on the roof next to my waveski so almost counts..

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