Problem Rivers ?? Not Really

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Problem Rivers ?? Not Really

Post by callwild »

Somewhere lost in the countryfile thread is this post from JMT.
Supposedlly naming problem rivers.

"River Sprint near Kendal - I have had a farmer trying to tell me you could not even drive down the road at the side of the river (public road). Got pretty nasty when I told him I was going down it anyway. I know of others who have been threatened by the same character with a shotgun, or threatening to go and get it. "

Irthing - Farmer at the egress is very determined canoeists will not cross his land – we now have an alternative egress, but it’s not easy to make in high water.

Greta (Lake District) In spite of the access agreement the fishing association has recently put up a sign saying no canoeing in Nov & Dec.

Clough - signs all over the place prohibiting canoeing.

Kent – as others have said – I’ve heard of canoeists being attacked, verbally and physically. Also some reports of cars being damaged."

I paddle all the mentioned rivers on a regular basis and compared to access problems elswhere I feel none of them could really be classed as problem rivers.

First I was verty surprised to see mention of the Greta in this list.
The Greta is on my doorstep and has never had an access problem for as long as I remember. In fact it is an access agreement that I often quote as a good example. Canoeists are asked to avoid paddling in August, Sept, and Oct. Not bad for 9 months access. There has always been a sign on the bridge at the start explaining this, it is nothing new.

The Sprint has an angry farmer who's hobby is hassling paddlers. Unfortunately he can be intimidating but it transpires he probably does not own any land adjacent to the river and has no way of actually asking you to leave except by intimidation. He has very little effect on local paddlers getting on the river at suggested access points which do not cross private land. Other locals (Particularly at Garnett Bridge) are supportive of paddlers. They also have intervalley grieviances with aformentioned farmer who appears to just upset everyone. Ignore him. If intimidated take his vehicle registration number. I personally look forward to the day when he threatens me with a shotgun because then I will have the perfect reason for reporting him. ( Only problem here is apparently his wife is a police officer herself!!!!!!!)
Unfortunately EWW does suggest access accross private farmland which doesn't help our case. Docker Nook is NOT an access point.

Irthing. Farmer at the Egress in Gilsland has a right to get angry when there is excellent alternative egress 100m upstream above the village to a public footpath. We just have to educate people to start using it. I am most embarrassed about missing this egress point from WWLD and will make sure it is corrected in the next edition. No problem in high water that I am aware of unless it is 6ft up in the trees!!

Clough signs. Access and Egress to the Clough are not on private land as far as I am aware. Signs have existed on many rivers for many years that does not make them a problem. I have not heard of any great problems on the Clough.

Kent. Well documented elswhere. While obviously many people do experience verbal abuse on this river it does not seem to restrict any one paddling it. In fact it may well get paddled every single day. Be polite and keep paddling, no problem.

Basically I feel we are very lucky in the Lakes that we have so much unrestricted paddling. Do not let one or two unfortunate experiences put you off. There are over 100 hundred rivers in the area. Go enjoy some of the most hassle free paddling in the country.

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Problem Rivers - not really (elsewhere also)

Post by MarkB »

Strangely this also seems true of the Welsh Dee ... assuming the many paddlers who've done various stretches at various times over the past year have had similar experiences to me.

Makes you wonder why so many of us fell for the laughable access agreement on the river for so long!

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Re: Dee

Post by mharrall »

We should keep a record of how many times the Dee is paddled. If people are paddling it, and land owners and fishermen are not noticing, then it only goes to show that we have a very low impact on other water users. A log could be used as proof that the river is paddled regularly and without incident and that there is nothing to complain about.


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Post by Pete C. »

I had a quick blast from the tail to town a couple of weekends ago. It was pretty high and it was just two of us on the river, but a man on the bank wagged his finger disapprovingly at Rosie just above town falls. Does that count as an access incident?


Mathew (Not logged in)

Dee Specialists

Post by Mathew (Not logged in) »

I've done serpants tail to town around 30 times since open access was declared. In fact, I've done it so many times that the very thought of doing it again any time soon makes me cringe.
And, I've had a brief encounter with just two un-polite fishermen on the Dee, both of which just got laughed at anyway.

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Re: Dee Specialists

Post by MarkB »

Mathew (Not logged in) wrote:And, I've had a brief encounter with just two un-polite fishermen on the Dee, both of which just got laughed at anyway.
I wonder if they're the same two that I encountered below Llangollen one late summer evening? Soonest passed, soonest forgotten.

Apart from them, the many other fishermen that I've discretely passed whilst running various stretches between Carrog and Erbistock since last year, have all been polite and a good many friendly with it. I might add that we had one group of six recently but all other runs have just been 2 or 3 of us - and this certainly helps during the peak fishing months.
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Post by rob brown »

Me and three mates from my uni club (nottingham trent) had a blast down the dee from horseshoe to town falls without incident on the protest weekend. It did strike me as being a bit odd that even on a protest weekend paddlers where going unchallenged.

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