Wide roof rack?

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Wide roof rack?

Post by Fluidskills.com »

Hello , I have just got a 2006 Mercedes Vito 5 seater van and need to get a wide roof rack for it , any ideas of websites or companys that do it? All so far are about 140 wide and i need the roof bars to be at least 180+ to get 6 boats on.

Any ideas very welome.


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Re: Wide roof rack?

Post by foxy »

Check out these guys

You buy the feet then the bars are cut to whatever length up to about 7 feet. They are strong too, 40mm square. I fitted them on my Xtrail so I could put three canoes on. Ask Liz about it, she's seen them.
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Martyn Hartley
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Re: Wide roof rack?

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Most of my customers at work use these guys:

http://www.clitheroeroofracks.co.uk/mer ... _racks.htm

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Re: Wide roof rack?

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Does it have Roof Rails, Darren? Thule do the 415 Kit for these, that then will accomodate bars up to 220cm.

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Re: Wide roof rack?

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Hey Darren,

We just brought a Saunders roof rack for our minibus. The bars are bolted on to the feet using u shaped fittings, so any length of bar can be used. They're pritty expensive but they are strong (Free replacement bars if you bend them!).



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