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Re: Responses required

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The commitee report is due out about Easter (according to comment on FlyFishing Forums) - the delay is due to the change in commitee membership.

PS I don't fish but believe in educating myself about the views those I may disagree with. Hence I find such forums most useful


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Re: Responses required

Post by JonT »

I, like many others, am eagerly awaiting the publication of the Welsh Assembly Sustainability Committee's report. I am checking their website frequently but it's still not published yet.

Do any of you guys who got involved with the enquiry have any further news from the Sustainability Committee? I guess it's simply a case of staying patient.

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Re: Responses required

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James G wrote:Just had a read of Jane Davidsons letter to the committee here : ... &ds=2/2010

The third paragraph reads:
What would happen if a person withdrew from a voluntary access agreement - and this particularly applies to riparian landowners - is that general access to their stretch of river bank would be lost. But the whole agreement would not be jeopardised or withdrawn.
Isn't that what we've said all along, that we need permission for access to rivers via private land, but do not need permission to pass along the river itself?
I missed this at the time, but it does look like a ministerial statement to the effect that landowners / riparian rights holders are not able to restrict navigation through their beat. Surprised the angling lobby didn't leap all over that one?

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Re: Responses required

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It looks like the report could be out mid-June.......

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Re: Responses required

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Hello All

Does anyone happen to have a point of contact for Phil Woodhead, please.

Many thanks

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