Info Request - Kayak Hire NZ

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Info Request - Kayak Hire NZ

Post by peakfreak »

Well my family and I are off on our reconnaissance mission to NZ around Easter 2010 and I am in need of a bit of information from some of you well travelled (to NZ at least) types.
We will be travelling both North and South island calling at various locations along the way ending up around Abel Tasman for a good few days before heading off to Christchurch.

So onto the info request;
We have sourced Sea Kayak hire (Kaiteriteri Kayak) in Abel Tasman area but I am after WW kit hire around there and Kahurangi area with hopefully some nice fool to guide me on some rivers (the wife won't do WW she is getting far more interested in the salty sea dog stuff).

My very helpful contact over in NZ (who I now owe many beers to for his help) has suggested a guy called Mick Hopkinson who runs a Kayak School over there, does anyone know this guy and can advise on his service.

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Re: Info Request - Kayak Hire NZ

Post by Kelvin »

Mick is in Murchison and their website is Well worth dropping in to see them to get the best local advice even if you don't hire a kayak from them. Otherwise there are a couple of places in Christchurch that hire kayaks.

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Re: Info Request - Kayak Hire NZ

Post by R4 »

Another vote for Mick, Murch is about 2 hours drive from Abel Tazman. He provides international class coaching and is probably the one of the best sources of knowledge for boating in the country. All the rivers around murch are good (mostly around 3/4) if theres water but if you really want to push yourself get on one of his trips down to the west coast.

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Re: Info Request - Kayak Hire NZ

Post by paddledragger »

Can you fit me in your suitcase Bren?? I'll start dieting now!! ;-)

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Re: Info Request - Kayak Hire NZ

Post by banzer »

Some of the easier rivers around Murchison (eg. Middle Matakitaki / Upper Buller) are so scenic and lovely that even the most barnacled sea kayaker may be tempted to potter down them with you.

Another shout out for Mick and the Kayak school too.

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Re: Info Request - Kayak Hire NZ

Post by jmmoxon »

On North Island, Sunspots by the Kaituna rent a range of kayaks - in Auckland you can only really find playboats.

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Re: Info Request - Kayak Hire NZ

Post by Toby »

R4 wrote: but if you really want to push yourself get on one of his trips down to the west coast.
I was in the shop just after Christmas, and I may have remembered this wrong, but I'm convinced I saw a poster advertising one of the Kayak School's WW Safety Courses thusly ; "Heading out West? Want to come back alive? Do our WW Safety Course."

The staff in there are all really friendly ad you can hire/ demo a range of boats.
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Re: Info Request - Kayak Hire NZ

Post by laurensor »

I actually never hired a kayak but three years ago I did a Motorhome hire and as far as I can remember you can also hire kayaks there. Just check the link and see if you find the right kayak for your needs. I am of the opinion that this specific page is very good and besides this you can nearly hire anything.

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Re: Info Request - Kayak Hire NZ

Post by justin-g »

Buying could be cheaper and kiwi's are pretty flexible re getting boats to you. is the local buy/sell forums.

or the nz version of ebay called is pretty good for cars + boats.

If you need any advice planning from a kiwi drop me a PM and i prob could help out a bit.

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