Fluid Flirt??

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Fluid Flirt??

Post by Richie.. »

Any one paddled this boat.

Looking at getting one tomorrow but would like some feedback from anyone that has paddled it. All the reviews that I have seen have been favourable


Dave B

Post by Dave B »

you're looking at getting one tomorrow, paddle it then, if you can't paddle it tomorrow don't buy it

steven b

Post by steven b »

i agree with Dave. DEMO IT. too many people these days are asking for opinions about boats. with so many companys out there the way to do it is to demo as many as possible as different boats suit different people.


p.s. The fluid flirt is a gorgeous boat i've had mine for a few weeks and can do more in it than any other boat.

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Pete C.
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Post by Pete C. »

I've paddled the Flirt quite a lot, being as it's my job and everything...

Most of the shops that sell them have demos in all the sizes - take a look at http://www.fluidkayaks.co.uk/dealers/dealerList.htm to find out where has which size.

As for how it paddles? I've been impressed. I'm particularly enjoying the tail end - it seems to balance really well to link ends in a hole. Have a go and find out - I'd be interested in hearing what you think.



Post by Guest »

Thanks guys, I tried it out today and it is really comfy. I have a problem with my knees and this is about the only boat that I tried that I feel that I could spend any amount of time in.

Going back in the morning with a few friends to try out their demo's.

I'll let you know how I get on..


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