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Phil Connell
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Stash/Uni Kit

Post by Phil Connell »

Does anybody know what the deal is with Uni Kit? Have they gone under?

If so, any suggestions for a good company to deal with a big order of uni club hoodies? Uni Kit's shop system was good...


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Re: Stash/Uni Kit

Post by ChrisBainbridge »

Hi Run and Jump are really good. I have to declare an interest as they provide some kit to my son but I know of non paddling people who have used them and are delighted. Derbyshire youth sailing squad got their kit from them and were really pleased with the quality of the clothing and the service. Run by a kayaker.

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Re: Stash/Uni Kit

Post by enb »

A good friend of mine works for a company that supplies workwear and promotional wear to companies such as Audi and Coke-Cola, they can do embroidery or transfers, and have a huge range of different clothing that they can get hold of, from cheap and cheerful to luxury clothing.

He has only just got back from Mexico and i think he is due back into the office in the next few days.

Have a browse of their website at probably best to go to the MK promotionwear tab and browse the catalogue for the sort of clothing they can offer. (this isnt the full range of products they can get hold off)

The phone number is on the website, my friends name is Simon and he will be able to advise you on costings etc.

Hope this helps.


Andy J
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Re: Stash/Uni Kit

Post by Andy J »

Phil Connell wrote:Does anybody know what the deal is with Uni Kit? Have they gone under?
Not sure about the intracacies of it but they have ceased trading for good by the sounds of it. I get the impression it was a combination of several factors and not a typical "credit crunch" excuse. Shame as it was a cracking hasstle free system.

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Re: Stash/Uni Kit

Post by p2-fleming »

Uni Kit have indeed "gone under".
Shame as they were really good.

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Lou Clutton
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Re: Stash/Uni Kit

Post by Lou Clutton »

Try Purple Monkey
Email their design people ( with whatever you want and they'll give you a quote. They did our Uni hoodies and gave us a pretty good discount because we ordered loads.

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Re: Stash/Uni Kit

Post by gonzo »

Madyaker will sort out hoodies for you, excellent quality and the best value I could find!

Give Gaz an email at:

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Pete C.
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Re: Stash/Uni Kit

Post by Pete C. »

What clinched it for me with Unikit was the online shop facility. For a group order, you didn't have to get orders from everyone, collect all their money and then hand the clothes out. Instead, you gave everyone the URL for a specific shop that only sold your club's designs, then they ordered individually.

Anyone know of anyone else who can do that?

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Adrian Cooper
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Re: Stash/Uni Kit

Post by Adrian Cooper »

Pete C. wrote:Anyone know of anyone else who can do that?
Cafe Press are the only ones I know of.

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Re: Stash/Uni Kit

Post by RVabdn »

I've done t-shirts that way through spreadshirt.
Richard Veitch

Eliza Dolittle
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Re: Stash/Uni Kit

Post by Eliza Dolittle »

Southampton and Longridge CC use Spreadshirt to supply Club kit. Look on the Southampton CC website "Shop" page for examples and prices.

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