Latex allergy

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Latex allergy

Post by jaq »

I've got a mild latex allergy, while externally it doesn't cause too many problems other than a rash around my neck if I wear a seal and itchy wrists I'm thinking it's only going to just get worse. I've switched to a semi dry cag so no latex around the neck, is there an alternative for the wrist seals that's still dry though? (Preferably without having to buy a new cag, I'm poor and my semi-dry is far too pretty to be replaced). Can you wear something underneath as a barrier? At the moment it's not a major issue but as I thought you developed the allergy by exposure perhaps I don't want to wait until itching becomes a rash etc and it's more of a problem. Or is this just a myth?

Cheers :)

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Re: Latex allergy

Post by Tom_Laws »

saturday seth
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Re: Latex allergy

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Nookie make a latex free cag, its fairly dry, made in the uk, its called a zone shell,

there is a sale on a at the moment.

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Re: Latex allergy

Post by John Kennedy »

Or just buy a set of the bioseals and glue them on, instead of shelling out for a new cag.
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Re: Latex allergy

Post by Ela »

Reed cags are pretty good (and cheap), I am yet to find a better alternative. Dry trousers wise if you get some with socks it solves that problem.
It's true that exposure can sensitize you, hence why many in the medical and dental professions develope allergies to it.
If it gets worse be careful with decks as almost all of them have a latex seal underneath even if not on top.
It is possible to find out which protein in latex you are allergic to, through an NHS allergy clinic, so some brands of latex may be ok for you.
Hope that helps!

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Re: Latex allergy

Post by Adrian Cooper »

Not cheap. Prices exclude VAT

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Re: Latex allergy

Post by boomer »

Reed cags are supposed to be allergy free.
You could ask them for replacement (new seals) for fitting your cag.
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Re: Latex allergy

Post by grumpyoldman »

Tou could try barrier cream, it used to be used when working with with fibre glass to stop rashes.

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Re: Latex allergy

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I also have a latex allergy. More than a few minutes with latex around my neck and it looks like I have tried to hang myself. A full river trip or play session and it breaks out into scabs!
This only happens around my neck though. I have tried the Bio seals but found that this still gave me a rash. Not as bad, but still a rash. It also moved around a lot and didn't seal that well, just my experience though and I didn't try them on the wrists. Since moving to neo neck seals I have had no problems. (one more thermal than usual).
The only other tip I can give is to make sure you keep the latex very clean and dry it properly after every use. Also to use some seal saver on it as well.

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Re: Latex allergy

Post by jaq »

Hehe, cheers everyone

Sorry! You'd have thought being an allegedly intelligent person I would have tried searching, but apparently not.

I hate being poor, bio seals are looking somewhat expensive. The chemical engineer in me is wanting to see if I can design my own solution, the sensible part of me is pointing out that most such 'projects' usually end with failure yet I'm still wondering how easy liquid silicone is to work with.

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Re: Latex allergy

Post by StoneWeasel »

A not so great solution, as it makes the neck seal less effective, that a friend of mine used for a fair while due to being virtually skint was to buy a high necked rash vest and putt the neck up through the neck seal on her cag to create a physical barrier between the latex and her neck. I guess you could bodge something similar for your wrists, maybe look for some small lycra leggings to cut up in charity shops.

Not as good as the other solutions mentioned but bloody cheap.


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Re: Latex allergy

Post by Floater »

Another vote for Reed. As well as being allergy free, they also don't cause irritation in seawater like latex does.

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