Real time & historical data GPS tracking

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Simon Westgarth
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Real time & historical data GPS tracking

Post by Simon Westgarth »

I have been considering a little challenge for this Winter for us lot in Devon, and at present I am looking for an effective real time and historical data GPS tracking system and device. Has anyone come across such devices and services, and what do you recommend?

A minimal back office requirements are needed.



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Post by garya »

Speak to the guys at GPS wharehouse. they know thier onions when it comes to this stuff and can do the real time tracking kit for you as well. the prices and service is good too...

I use just an ordinary garmin unit and memory map software for historical tracks. you can get it in both 1:50,000 and 1:25,000. they even work with google earth now.


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Post by Pyro »

A lot of Adventure Races in the US and UK are now using the SPOT tracker system which will do both realtime and historic data. In the UK, there's also the Yellow Brick / Sleepmonsters SAT system which was used for the Adventure Race World Championships and various other expedition-type races. There's examples of it in use on the Sleepmonsters SAT website. have a look and see what you think - SM also do unit hire and tech support for events using them.

(Statement of interest - I do write for Sleepmonsters, but am not paid by them nor do I have any obligation to promote them...)
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Mikey joe
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Post by Mikey joe »


I have a Nokia N95 mobile. The sportstracker function allows live upload of GPS data. Location, speed, altitude, direction etc etc. It also geotags any media files eg photos, video. You can switch the live upload off. In addition you can then overlay your route on Google Maps. etc.

Any use?

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Post by TomWardill »

I use these guys for snowboarding, but there's no reason why it can't be used for boating (I plan to at some point), and they do a nice kit with a bluetooth gps tracker/logger.
Cool site (disclaimer: one of my friends works for them, but it appears to do what you want)[/url]
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