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Etive Video

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I've put a few clips of the Etive together using a back deck mounted head cam. Theres also a tiny clip of a river called the Larig Leacach on there.

Its still got some un-run but runable drops on it (30 footer is one)- Go and have a go if you think you're hard enough! It's an amazing river that flows into Loch Treig.... You want it thumping though! The level in the vid isn't quite high enough and that was a really wet day..... A lot of rapids are quite least I thought so.

The vid is on

Go there and click on the movies tab.

Hope you enjoy.

Dave b

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Mark Rainsley

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james fleming
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Dave, great wee clip on a fabby doo river.

Stroke it out like that for the Etive River Race ( ) and you might do well.

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Errr... Can't get either link to work?

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Nice choons there Dave. Can I copy your music software? :)
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That's a really nice video Dave, like it.

How did you rig the camera? Was it just taped to the deck or did you have some kind of block to raise it? We've done similiar in the past (in Sevys) for the Rat Race videos but it was always pretty awkward to get a decent shot setup.
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Cheers folks...

The camera was rigged using three steel struts bolted onto the three grab loops of my nomad. They form a kind of tripod that was pretty stable. Unfotunately I had joined the three pieces at the centre by screwing them into a shaped piece of wood which eventually gave way at Right Angle. It would have held if I'd bolted the struts together at the join...

The rig was probably a bit of a health hazard mind you!

Banz! The software I use is called "FLStudio", but they've got some really clever copy protection mechanisms in place... You can download a fully functional (almost) and free demo at their site... It is very addictive and lots of fun.

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Nice movie dave
Just like sitting in the back of a topo -duo

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