Inland paddling
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Post by George666 »

Any body paddled one and wot did they think?

cheers george

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Post by Robson »

I liked it but you may not! So go and PADDLE ONE!
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George Mcmillan
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Post by George Mcmillan »

A friend of mine has one he loves it exept the name. But yeah as stated already try before you buy.

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Post by aleeivel »

I tried nice but prefered the Fluid Solo.

As said go try!!
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Post by VirtBlue »

I like em they feel so small and handle like a high volume playboat

It is NOT a creek boat so do not expect it to feel like one, it feels like a river runner.

The out fitting is o so comfy. :)

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Post by chapman »

Just because it's called a Hero won't make you paddle any better! I suggest you work on improving your paddling ability rather than changing boats all the time ;)

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