Austria/ Switzerland next week?

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Austria/ Switzerland next week?

Post by Paula_V »

Hi guys

Is anyone around the area next week?

Do you have any recommendations of rivers to go for around class 4?

We are out there for a week so ideal itineraries for this time of year would be superb.

Many thanks

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Post by Poke »

You could try giving Christoph a shout, I'm sure that he'd have some suggestions: ... hp?t=39760

When Amie and I went out there in late Aug there was still enough water to make many of the higher volume classics possible (albeit a bit easier)... many sections of the Inn (Giarsun, Ardez Schuls, Finstermuntz, Tosens, Imst Gorge), the Oetz (we only did the lower), the Landquart... plus others, i'm sure.

Maybe we were just lucky with levels, but it was a fun two weeks.
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Post by ali »

We were out there last week and the water levels have been really good. They were starting to drop but then it rained heavily again and it won't take much for them to come up again so you could find there's lots of options.

we camped at Cinouschel which was gorgeous and paddled the
s-chanf gorge (3)
braile gorge (4)
giarsun gorge (3/4)
ardez gorge (4/walk the 5s into death) and
schuls gorge (3/4)

the first two were a bit low the second two excellent levels.

We then moved to Landecka and camping Riffler where we paddled

Tossens (3 a little 4)
Lower Oetz (4)
Sanna (3/4)
Wolf's gorge (4)
The Immst. (3)

The rivers in this area of Austria have changed quite a bit compared to the guide book due to the floods a few years ago. Personally I don't rate the Rossana and Trisanna any more though we were very impressed withn Wolfs gorge. Don't be decived by what you see from the road as once your on it the gradient doesn't half drop and it's continuous 3/4 the whole way. Roofed corner on the sanna is no longer a grade 4 though Pianns rapid is still a good read and run 4.

Landeck gorge is currently closed for paddling as they are working on the railway bridge. It is illegal to paddle it though it has been paddled this summer. Unfortunately they were actually lifting the bridge up the day we wanted to paddle it so we decided not to give the project manager a heartattack.

If you have a spare day go to the aquadome in the oetz valley it's fantastic floating in salt water looking up at the moutains as music is piped under the water, and the kids slide is ace. It does fill up quickly on a wet day.

Have fun!


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Post by Yoghurt Monster »

On Monday I got the train back from Budapest to Zurich after Sziget Festival. It went right along the Oetz then right up the Inn to Landeck. Everything was pumping through, wanted to jump off the train and go find a boat. Looked awesome. Enjoy it.

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