My soggy mobile phone

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My soggy mobile phone

Post by mfflower »

I went paddling on the Allegherry recently. It was nice - sunny, warm and pretty - but flat.

Sadly my phone came with me, and came out rather wet. It's been sat on my window sill / air conditioner for just over two weeks now and looks dry.

I'm just a little scared to switch it on incase I break it. Trouble is that the phone I'm using at the moment requires a pair of tweezers to be shoved into it to get it to work, so moving back to the new one would be quite useful.

Someone out there must have done an equally stupid thing - if you're willing to admit to it can you tell me roughly how long it takes to dry out, or should I just try it and hope?
I work in a coal lab, so I could also leave it in our nitrogen purged drying oven overnight (minus the battery of course!).

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Post by mole »

Spray it with WD40 and wrap it in brown paper, this should help drive out any remaining moisture and is actually suggested on the can as a way of dealing with wet phones. I should add that I've never actually tried this myself. Good luck.

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Post by stone056 »

mine went through the washing machine (the Mrs did it not me!) i dried it out and it worked fine, just got to be careful there is no corrosion around the buttons as the buttons wont work properly, other than that it shoud be fine

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Post by conoroneill »

I've heard that rinsing it in distilled water (as soon as possible after dunking) to clear out any gunge from the river water should help. Its the gunge which causes long term problems with the electronics.

But I've never needed to try this myself...
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Post by Bod »

The key to saving the item is to get the battery/power disconnected as soon as you know it is damp. After that it can be dried using any of the methods mentioned. ! used a hair dryer on my work laptop last week after I dropped a cup of coffee on it. I was back working in 20 minutes. Apart from a couple of sticky keys all is fine.
John B.

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Post by bexception »

Two wet mobile phone incidents recently...

#1 - Spilt tea all over it and only realised it'd been hit several hours later as I was too busy saving the computer from the tea downpour. It didn't work - all the buttons did the wrong thing, it phoned people at random and switched itself off. Took the battery out, ran the phone under the tap briefly, airing cupboard overnight and it was absolutely fine.

#2 - Had it in my handbag with one of those bubbly-bubble blowing tubs (where you have a wand and some diluted washing-up liquid) and apparently the lid wasn't really on. Very very sticky phone, did not want to work for me. Took it to pieces, ran it under the tap the next day, left it to dry in the airing cupboard for a few days, still had a damp patch in the screen. Still has a damp patch a week or so later but it's getting much smaller. Works absolutely fine.

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Post by L0fth0use »

My Blackberry was under a leaking water bottle in my bag and soaked up so much water it half filled up the screen cavity - you could tip it from side and generate miniature waves. I left that for a few days without the battery in and it works fine, no lasting damage.

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Post by JoC »

I've dropped two phones down the toilet (dont ask how).
To dry them out i put them in the airing cupboard over night and the next day they worked fine. The second phones screen started to go a funny colour and things didnt look right so took it back to shop and played the innocent female, they sent it off for inspection and a week later i had a brand new phone!

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Wet phone trick

Post by George Mcmillan »

I've had a few experiences with mobile phones getting wet. Plumbing & Heating is a wet job. After getting my mobile soaked while repairing a burst boiler I was told by a little old lady to use Silica gel packs. You know the little sachet packs that you get with new stuff to keep it dry.
Well funny enough it works. The little old lady in question proceeded to give me 10 of these little packs the size of a salt sachet and a small zip lock money bag to seal it in. I did take the battery out and left it sealed up for a day and hey presto it's worked fine ever since.


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Post by Lancs_lad »

Everyone seems quite optimistic for you. From my experiences it all depends what you consider wet. A friend of mine who use to work for vodafone told me water damage was the most common reason phones were brought into the store. The water corrodes the circuit board very quickly and once it has started (even if you dry the phone) you're fighting a losing battle. It may work but will die eventually from the damage.

My 2 experiences which happened 2 weekends in a row are:

1) Dropped down a toilet while on a stag do! Fished it out it worked for a while, but the battery died. When I got home I charged it but it wouldnt work, so I dryed it out but it still wouldnt switch on. I think the on button had been damaged.

2) The replacement phone for the previous one I managed to drop in a pint of water. That never worked again despite being on the radiator on and off for over a week.

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Post by Edwindle »

The water corrodes the circuit board very quickly
Which is why my 'up' button doesn't work.

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Post by peakfreak »

Assuming your mobile contract covers your phone waranty then contact your mobile provider, tell them the number 3 on the keypad doesn't work, (the number 3 is needed for diagnostics and reset) and hey presto they should replace your phone by default.

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Post by nina »

I've dunked the same phone twice, once when pushed into the lake at Camping Des Ecrins whilst fully dressed, by a drunk naked mad person (possibly from Stirling). Left it alone for a few days, was totally fine.
Second time was entirely my fault, I put it through a wash in my jeans pocket, left it to dry out (until the screen had emptied...) for about 3 days and it's been reasonably ok. The mic is a bit knackered (people tell me I sound like I'm under water, I wonder why?) and the battery won't hold a charge for more than 16 hours, but beyond that, it's fine!
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Post by aleeivel »

Dropped phones in water of different sorts a number of times and never had a problem. Always take the battery out straight away and dry over night somewhere warm such as an airing cupboard. If the battery is left in for long it is likely to screw it up.
Andy Lee

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Post by briman »

As had been said before, removing the battery and allowing to dry normally at room temperature, ideally with no outside heat influence should do the trick.
same can be said for keyboards and coffee, as long as the coffee doesn't have sugar in as that tends to really mess them up

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Post by Ruari »

ive just done pretty much the same thing in the past week whilst power boating, dried it out but lots of salt crystals have spawned where the sim card should go. dose salt water make a difference? ( i expect it dose!) i need my phone an all my contacts are on it Argghhh!!

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Post by aleeivel »

If you've dropped it in salt water that will be more likely to cause problems as salt water is more corrosive and a better conductor!!!

Best bet is to rinse out in clean water and dry out (obviously without the battery!!!
Andy Lee

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Post by Ray Latham »

Iron it, that will warm it up and remember not to have the iron on steam!!!!

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