sad news: two deaths on the lower Guisane (French Alps)

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Mr Laurent
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sad news: two deaths on the lower Guisane (French Alps)

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Reading the national french medias, a rafting trip went wrong yesterday on the Guisane causing fatal injuries. ... ques-.html

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Rick Foster
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Thoughts go out to all involed...

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I think that there was only one death in the Guisane rafting incident, although another person was seriously injured. The report also talks about a second fatal incident, but this was involving JetSkis in the Ardeche.


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It would appear that one death was during rafting on the Guisane, the other was on the Rhone - a collision between a sea scooter and jetski.

My sympathies to all affected by this.


Oops sorry Jules got there first.

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For those of us not fluent in French - what actually happened on the Guisanne ? Not a morbid interest, would be good to know if there are any particular hazards there curently to watch out for..

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A raft got pinned on rocks and overturned. There is not a lot more information than that.



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Babel Fish translates it as this:

The first accident s' Thursday in end d' is produced; afternoon with height of the commune of Saint-Chaffrey, in Hautes-Alpes. In the 18 hour old neighbourhoods, six people made sporting navigation on the Guisane river when their raft s' is wedged against a rock and s' is turned over. This accident of rafting because d' death; one of the passengers and made a seriously injured. The four other people who sailed on the same boat on the other hand would have left unscathed. The casualty was transported to l' hospital of Briançon. A little later in the course of the day, they are scooters of the seas which entered in collision on the Rhone. L' accident s' is produced around 8 p.m. close to Charmes-sur-Rhône, in l' Ardeche. It implied four men, originating, l' one of Valence, and three others of Villefranche-sur-Saône, which made jet-ski with three scooters of the seas. A man was killed and another was reported missing at the time of the shock between two from the machines. Two other people present at the time of l' accident n' were not wounded. The body of l' man d' forty d' years killed in the collision was fished out by l' occupant d' a barge which saw l' accident by far and prevented the helps. The two survivors were transported to l' hospital of Deprived and will be heard as soon as possible, indicated the parquet floor. As for the precise circumstances of l' accident, they are not yet known.
Lets not try to understand each other. Thanks.

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"Public prosecutor's office" might be more accurate than "parquet floor".

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Lowri Davies
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This week has been rather epic in here in the Alps. The incident on the Guisane involved a female raft guide, a couple of clients, her brother and some friends. The details I know are from word of mouth, but a source that I trust. The raft flipped and she got everyone but one out, then chased the other person downstream. No-one knows exactly what happened but she was found tangled in her rope drowned. Extremely sad.

Also this week, Southampton Uni had an epic day where two seperate groups on two seperate rivers came across rather tragic things. There was a German lady that had a heart attack on the Onde, they tried to resusitate her but to no avail. She was taken out by helicopter and pronounced dead. Their other other group found the body of a man who'd escaped from a hospital for the mentally ill in the Durance Gorge, suspected suicide. That's a day I hope never to have.

There have been a lot of tales of near misses and injury - please take care while having fun out there!

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We were first on the scene at the Onde incident and assisted with the attempted resuscitation and calling of the emergency services. We'd like to clarify what Lowri wrote above - we understand this accident was a case of tree entrapment resulting in drowning, not a heart attack (as Lowri and others had heard).

The woman's companion said that the Onde was a regular and familiar run for them - highlighting that accidents can happen even on something you consider to be a straightforward "home" run.

Andy Webb / Matt Cooper

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A very sad week indeed!! Just arrived back from there myself, the rivers still seem to behave like run away freight trains at time. The levels change daily, but things seem to be settling down (or so I'm told by people who have been there a while). Either way there is still some considerible debris in places with lots of trees in rivers.

Take care on the rivers!

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