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Ladakh to Nepal

Post by ziehmstephen »

Anyone ever travelled from Ladakh to Nepal with their boat over land? How did you do it?

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Patrick Clissold
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Post by Patrick Clissold »

Yes, I did it Sean. Basically you could get a bus from Chandigah, or failing that you can get a direct bus from Delhi that take 36hrs. It will take a good 3-4 days to get to Kathmandu.

You can do trains but there is no direct train (as far as I could work out) from Delhi to Kathmandu. Either way, unless you fly, you will have to do the Leh-Manali road again.

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Mark R
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Post by Mark R »

Basically it's Hell Bus Journeys all the way down to Delhi, then train to Gorakphur, then Bus Hell again. Gawd help you.

Our route was slightly indirect as we did some paddling en route, but gives you the general idea ...

Bus Leh to Keylong (2 days)
Hitch in truck Keylong to Kaza (2 days)
Jeep Kaza to Manali (1 day)
Bus Manali to Shimla (1 day)
Toy train Shimla to Chandigarh (1/2 day)*
Express train Chandigarh to Delhi (1/2 day)
Minibus Delhi to Rishikesh (1 day)
Bus Rishikesh to Gorakphur (1 day) - or was it train? Oh gawd it's all a blur ...
Rickshaw, minibus and foot across border into Nepal. (1 day)
Bus border to Kathmandu (1 day)

Bloody Hell, just typing that has brought the pain back - sharp seats, monsoon heat, boredom, deafening Bangra ...

*Someone carried my boat by bus to Rishikesh from Chandigarh

BTW where I say '1 day', assume 23 hours travelling time, with breakdowns and delays factored in.
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Ben Bedingham
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Post by Ben Bedingham »

Sean, it may take you a while days but its ok, Leh, Manila, Chandigar, Nepal western border, then straight to Pokhara or Katmandu. Though i think Carravick had a bit of trouble getting a but at the western border as many are express from Delhi. No worries, you should try Novosibirsk to Katmandu with a boat in tow...

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Post by magictom »

I've done this journey... you're well advised to break it up into sections but all in all it's really not so bad.

Bus from Leh to Manali ( 2 days)... overnight in Manali and fun paddle on Beas the next day. Bus from Manali to Delhi and overnight in Delhi... not fun but not so bad. Train from Delhi to Gorakpur ( love this journey, get a second class upper sleeper and you're golden). Minibus, taxi or bus from Gorakpur to Sinauli border and then bus to Kathmandu... should take four or five days max. Also done the bus from Kathmandu to Delhi... again it's not pleasant and if your daft enough to sit in the bus I can imagine it'd be hellish... we strapped ourselves to the roof and tuned out!

Really this journey ranks a 5 out of ten for discomfort... for the poster boy of nasty long journeys do the Cotahausi from Arequipa without a seat or rewind a few years and Tata truck it from Dumre in Nepal to Besi Sahar... now that one was harsh! Oh... rewind four years and do the whole journey with the added interest of Maoist roadblocks and occasional strikes... boy, was that one fun!


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Post by Digimeister »

When are you thinking of making the trip Sean?

Myself and a mate will be doing that route leaving Ley on the 20something of September.
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Post by ziehmstephen »

Thanks a lot folks, tha magic of UKRGB, lots of advice and now people to travel with...sweet!
Digimeister, have p.m'd you. Ben and Patrick, nice to hear from you guys, will be in touch, might even bump into you in India Patrick.

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Post by shalabhgahlaut »

Fly to Delhi and then to Kathmandu, its probably cheaper than the overland journey and pain free.

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Leh to Delhi

Post by shivaoutdoors »

It could accidently happen, that i might be around with the truck again in Leh. The return journey would happen earlier though.

Anyway, best way is to take the plane, as the continous added cost of the kayak (from the busdriver to the rikshaw driver) will make the overland journey something like 120-160$. If you double that, you will fly and get another 4 days kayaking either in India or Nepal.

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