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E & L Insurance

Post by RichA »

Has anyone had any experience with E&L Canoe and Kayak insurance? Their cover is cheap (£70 for £850 boat and £1500 of other kit) and the policy seems good too.

Only downsides I can see are that they don't cover paddles in use (but presumably in transit they do cover them?)

Insured perils - Fire, explosion including smoke/water damage, violent theft, perils of the
sea/lakes/rivers/navigable waters (excluding ordinary action of wind, waves and inevitable
, collision, grounding, sinking, capsizing, damage caused to limit/prevent pollution,
earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, lightning, loss as a result of latent defects
(excluding cost of repairing defect causing loss or damage).

I'm not sure if they would class splitting a boat as 'inevitable damage' or not.


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Post by mole »

Inevitable damage is certainly designed to cover a multitude of sins, having worked in a bank's insurance complaints team some time ago I can tell you that if the underwriters can avoid paying they will. Ringing up with a split kayak would probably have them invoke this "inevitable damage" exclusion or wear and tear which is probably also excluded, once you tell them how it got split it will be anyway. If the boat got split in some other accident, maybe with a roofrack or got dropped in the cold however you would probably be ok ;). You might also be able to get them to pay since they do cover "grounding" :-)

Given the costs of taking a case through the financial ombudsman service a complaint might bear fruit if a claim was declined. Bear in mind that FOS try to be impartial and if they actually read how the split occurred would probably kick the case out (costs nothing to try though and they are notorious for hating ambiguous policy wording).

Having read this through I realise it might just muddy the waters further...Ho Hum.

Sometimes it's just too much effor......aughhh

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Post by RichA »

Thanks for your input - it sounds like every other insurance policy in the world. I'll listen to the collective, but your words sound encouraging ;-)

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Post by The Drowned Fish »

I'm not one to blow the BCU's trumpet but check this out...

http://www.bcu.org.uk/bcu/bcu-newsitem. ... ItemId=835

It seems that the BCU are now offering kit insurance which, to my uneducated mind, seems to cover all your kit including boat in use, And its pretty cheap.

The terms specifically state the accidental damage or loss on any water IS covered.

There seem to be varing levels of cover but £27 for one boat or £45 for up to three seems reasonable. Though if your boat is worth more than £750 it does cost a little more.


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Post by fiona »

The BCU link says it's specifically for Canoe England members. I wonder if the SCA has any plans to join this?

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Post by once young »

I worked in insurance broking for number of years. E&L AKA Equine & Livestock and/or Entertaimnet & Leisure were not highly regarded by the trade.

Many of us would not touch them with a barge pole. One of the exclusions used to be claim forms must be requested within 5 days of the loss becoming known to the policy holder and returned to them with 10 days of the date of loss.

I recall the ABI had a lot to say about their 'unfair' terms. I am sure the FSA will have helped BUT I would strongly suggest anyone understand the full terms of contract before handing over any money to E&L

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Post by Anorak »

On the basis of at least 10 years of experience of dealing with E&L as pet insurers I would not touch any of this company's products with a barge pole! On paper they may sound ok, in practice they are truly dreadful to deal with!

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