Do you open your eyes underwater?

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Agreed. Squirt boating is different.
The lights are on and burning brightly. Shame about the power cut.

Jones Chris
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Yeah, what Tom said!

And multiple loops make you dizzy just adding to the confusion! Answer is to just blow out a bit and follow the bubbles back to the light!


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cookie wrote:Agreed. Squirt boating is different.
Squirt boating is strange!

As for eyes, wide open, sometimes for a look-see, sometimes pure fear!!!!!

But I never see very much, mostly peaty brown and bubbley, ah the memories.

NB: Not that i'm ever upside down...
..if it was easy, it would just be the way

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Eyes closed... I might open them if I was trying a new sort of kayaking to see what I was doing before the muscle memory kicks in but otherwise closed all the way.

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Eyes shut - last time I tried I found I can't roll with my eyes open. Think it gave me too much to think about and I couldn't cope.

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adrian j pullin
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Shut. Contact lenses get flushed out if I open my eyes. Then I can't see anything when back upright.

Adrian J Pullin
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Don't consciously choose or think about it, but:


I know this because I have a very clear image of the gorge walls,
Etive 3rd step dropping away above (below) me.
Very beautiful,
but a bit unsettling.

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closed as i go over otherwise i lose my lenses i open them once im over, mainly in the pool though.

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Clamped tight shut for me - my eyes don't get on too well under water.
However, I feel I might have to try and break out of this habit this season to add some more interest to the squirting experience!

I've never had a problem working out which way is up. Even with eyes shut you can ususally get a pretty good idea which way to roll when stuck in a hole from the general lighter on one side/darker on the other.


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