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Kayak Session
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Good morning everyone!

A little refreshing video on,
check it out!
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Post by callwild »

Guess that gets the record for the highest seal launch.

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Post by Ken »

The moves would have gone bigger with an overthruster!

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Ross W
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enjoyed that :D

Some big air :P
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Ha ha, the landings are the best bit:-)
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Ken wrote:The moves would have gone bigger with an overthruster!
And a peak on his helmet judging by all the freestyle boaters I have seen!
Mark Pooleman

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Check out the end of Burning Times for someone doing something similar but bailing out.

Then watch a Kingpin head for a petrol station.
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Can't think of anything to say in less than 50 cha

bugs bunny
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You should send that to Marc Foster, I'm sure he could use the idea in the next Bond movie.

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another one I came across a while back: ... n5ol_kayak

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