Anyone Recommend Some Decent Elbow Pads for Boating?

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Anyone Recommend Some Decent Elbow Pads for Boating?

Post by Fatboy »

Hey folks - pretty much what the title says, really. I've got some now, (SCRUB kite boarding ones), but they're rubbish. What I'm looking for are some with a decent elbow cup (if that's the right word?). Ones I've used in the past tend to only cover my forearm and not the point or tricep side of my elbow.

So, in summary, well fitting, elbow and forearm protection. Secure, to be worn over a cag. That's it, really. Be glad and grateful to hear your thoughts.


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Mark B
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Post by Mark B »

I can recommend the 661 race pads. Very comfortable and up to the job

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Post by ERU »

Any online retailers for them?
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Post by husky »


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Post by Robson »

Mark B wrote:I can recommend the 661 race pads. Very comfortable and up to the job
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Post by chud »

These ones seem to cover a bit more of the upper arm.
These ones look identical to the 661 ones but are almost £10 cheaper.
These ones look good but pricey.
Just to make your choice a little easier ;-)

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Post by ol »

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Ryan Clements
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Post by Ryan Clements »

I've used the 661 Race pads for a while and also don't have any complaints. I also tried some Dianese ones, I thought the 661s were better and didn't have the "mesh" that has a tendency to snag. A bit cheaper too, I think.

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Post by Mark R »

I recently bought these.

They're great, no mesh, really unrestrictive and they make you look and feel rock hard.

Only quibble is that they are relatively heavy - don't notice this when paddling, but it all adds up I guess.
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James Hartley
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Post by James Hartley »

I'd go with the others who have voted for the 661 race pads, light, comfy and do the job
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Post by Fatboy »

Thanks folks. A few pads to look at here. 661 appears to be a popular choice, but not sure how much I'll be able to miss out on looking and feeling rock hard. Now to dig about on the net for some bargains...

Thanks again,

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Jon Davies
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Post by Jon Davies »

Go to a mountain biking shop and try them on. The 661's are good and this is what I have, but there are better ones on the market. The main problem with the 661's is on long rapids requiring long periods of work and pads being used on multipul hit's the top strap does have a tendancy to let the pad slip from under it as it is not attached to the arm tube.

I simply fixed this problem by sewing another loop onto the arm tube so it can't drop.

Some I have seen with a good strap system are the Kona stinky pads and better value.

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Post by Nugz »

Got a set of the 661 race ones. Used them first time yesterday. Couldn't really feel I was wearing them, no restriction of movement at all!

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Post by thetangoman »

I went for the Raceface Rally elbow pads. I found they were a better fit that the 661's and stayed in position better. The one complaint I have with the Rally pads is that if you do not do them up correctly, it is possible to catch the top end of the pad which can shift the pad down your arm. Having looked at both the Rallys and the 661s, I don't think the 661s would have fared any better.

If anyone is after a set of large 661 Race elbow pads, I have an used set I am looking to sell. Get in touch if you are interested.


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Post by Pyro »

I use an old pair of TSG Asgards. Not sure where you can get them these days (mine were from Chain Reaction) but they're great.
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Post by briman »

Brand-X are another good alternative. Cheaper than 661 and Dainese, but just as good.
Chainreaction are a great supplier, free UK postage, cheaper prices and pretty darned quick delivery (next day in most cases, i've found) ... delID=7090 for the Brand-X X, the DH are good too.

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Post by NPearce »

I have just ordered a pair of 661 'chicken wings' following elbow problems and docs recommendation for a little more protection.

They do not have any hard shell surface but contain a gel and feel a little like those stress balls. It also means I can wear them in the pool without feeling like robocop.

I possibly may get a hard surface pair for rivers, but have found that the pool polo sessions have caused more damage than the river ever has!


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Post by DanH »

If anybody is currently looking for elbow pads either for kayaking or mountain biking, Chain Reaction are selling off the 2007 661 Race Elbow & Forearm Guards for £22.99. ... delID=3533

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