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furby wrote:
Bewildered sassanack wrote: So how come you can book in a great long fishing rod, but "oars" are specifically banned??? Fishermen truely rule the world!
Because fishing rods can be taken apart in to 3 or 4 parts making them only a couple of feet long.
Which doesn't explain why BA will happily accept ski-bags....!
I will be flying my cranked robson *skis* in their ski bag to Norway with BA in July.

As long as nobody looks inside that is; are skis and paddles the same weight?


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People who ski tend to go in large droves in the season and have large amounts of money and are not a market BA want to alienate. There are fewer kayakers and they tend not to be a big consistent consumer base to get involved with.

Hence with their new (and blatantly useless) baggage system it was easier not to accomodate some groups but to make provision for others if the benefits outweigh the costs.

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