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Chip Powell Stories

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Remember the stories about the Stikine and Pipeline (in a squirt boat)! They used to be on the Thames Weir project website and don't seem to have moved to the Kayakojacko site? They were great, if anyone has them could they be added to the reports on this site?


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David Fairweather
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At the squirt gathering in Nottingham this weekend people were exchanging stories about this character. He sounds like quite a legend.

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"Huka has fallen to the squirt."

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Apparently he used to be a member of our uni canoe club back in the day. He lost his driving license for timing himself doing laps of the M25. I seem to remember someone saying that his best time was sub 1hr. HE spent the next few years hitching everywhere with his boat.
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Re: Chip Powell Stories

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newkid wrote:Remember the stories about the Stikine

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Chip now lives in the USA or maybe Canada. There are more stories that he has - he spent time in the ex-Russian republics paddling in the Altai mountains with Lova and others (Russian coffee first thing in the morning is the way to start the day). So when the Four Borders Uni Expedition applied for BCU Expedition grant aid - I email Chip who pointed out that there was a guide book to one of the rivers they wanted to paddle! We still granted them aid money because that was not the only river they wanted to paddle.

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Stories such as chasing after armed bandits who had just robbed him at gun point of all his possessions because he wanted the film out of the camera (he got it too!!)
His point about soloing the Stikine was "who would be capable of rescuing me in those conditions if I did get into trouble?"
Another mad example - he dropped his paddles on a grade 5+ in Austria and continued happily without (solo as the rest were having a bit of a mare), commenting afterwards he preferred no paddle paddling in his squirt boat
Hence my usual advice was "if Chippy's paddling - go find the Tea Shop so you can survive until another day" :-)
Believe he may now still be in British Columbia or Canada somewhere like that.


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He was in Alberta and most likely still is. A few years back, I rapped in with him below the 460ft Helmcken Falls and paddled the Myrtle river to it's conference with the Clearwater. He is a great guy.



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I bumped into Chippy on the slopes at Sunshine Village two years ago and spent the rest of the day skiing with him. He lives in Canmore. and has recently got married. He was over in the UK recently and showed a few of us his slides of paddling in Alberta and BC. Long walk ins to unknown sections of rivers carrying boat and sleeping bags etc on his back to paddle grade 5. He latest story, (have heard the surfing Pipeline in a squirt boat, accosting armed robbers on the Ganges for the film in his camera which they had just stolen, and several other stories on a 2 week paddling trip in Landeck), involved him being stuck under a log jam for over 5-10 minutes and only surving by breathing the air in his boat and then finding a way out to the great surprise of his paddling companion who had assumed he was must be dead. I am sure there are several more stories by now although marriage may have calmed him down a bit!

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