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New Paddle

Post by Dug »

I'm having a bit of a dilemma, I need a new paddle and a need one fast after breaking my old 'reserve' paddle.
I used to paddle with Gorillaz paddles but they've stopped making them. Does anyone know of any Gorillaz style paddles out there, I need something solid that can take a good hammering and really don't like the robson/werner style glass paddles.


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Post by phil_grice »

They've got a fair few sets of Gorrillaz at Paddleworks in Llangollen. I was tempted to start stockpiling them myself for future use!

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Dave @ TRC
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Post by Dave @ TRC »

bala boater has some nice blades nylon blades on a crank shaft

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David Fairweather
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Post by David Fairweather »

If you are after a plastic blade, like the Gorillas but stronger, then the Aquaboundpaddles have had some really good reviews.

As for standing up to abuse, I can't fault my Roughstuff carbon blades which have been holding up against frankly unreasonable treatment for over four years now.
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Pete C.
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Post by Pete C. »

Lendal Nylon 12 blades are made from the same blade blanks. The asymmetric Mania shape is close to the Gorilla Rodeo X. Also, you don't have to have them in black.

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Adrian Cooper
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Post by Adrian Cooper »

I understood that Gorillas were made for P&H by Lendal. Am I wrong?

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Post by Canned »

How about RoughStuff, H20 or some carbon werners?

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Post by james_trigg »

Adrian......... well done! you are correct, Lendal did make Gorilla paddles for P & H.

I woudl suggest that you look at the Lendal Kinetic XTI.........

Best Wishes


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Post by Kayak-Bloke »

I agree have a look at the Lendal Kintek Xti.
N12 blades take a serious pounding! I've really hammered mine and they look as good as day I bought them.

George H
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Post by George H »

I wouldn't get the splits! I've seen many a pair break on the spiggots!

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Post by Gavers »

More broken paddles Dug...

I think last time I was in Stirling Canoes they had a couple of sets of Gorillaz, but I could be wrong. Might be worth emailing/phoning them and asking, or popping in for a wee look.

Gav =)
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