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Gliding draw or a closed face draw is a very good way to control your turn from the inside of the turn. Even the bow draw is not, however, an ideal way to initiate the turn. The good 'ol sweep stroke is best for that. Once you get the boat turning with the sweep stroke you start controlling the turn from the inside, hence the draws are classified as secondary turning strokes.

The modern WW boats are very nimble and I feel like the majority of the draws should be done near the hips. This way you can maintain most of the forward momentum and keep the boat carving a nice radius without spinning out.

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hanging draw

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can be useful to get on surf wave from eddies , ...........try ........
put last stroke in on side you will be moving towards (this will move nose away and avoid a turn ), keep paddle in water and go into draw stroke position , but opening blade out slightly . Paddle needs to be upright . Remember with most strokes you look in direction you are heading ,so turn shoulders and look towards sideways in direction you will be heading (as you would for any draw stroke ) ,this will help get paddle upright and also slightly behind hips if necessary . keep boat flat ,as we know that tilting aids turning which you don't want . Push on footrest /foam only with the foot on same side as paddle . Pushing on the other footrest will turn the boat . Find best position for paddle (probably just behind hips ) by trial and error . Will work with short boat , just needs a bit more practice ......or hope hanging draw isn't in new UKCC 3 *syllabus !!!!!!!!!.[/list]

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Interestingly the new star syllabus at 3* requires ''moving sideways, both static and on the move''.

Apparently there will be 'training notes' and 'assessor notes' to be issued 'later in the spring'. These may add in a whole load of additional requirements, who knows?

Hanging draw is not mentioned, nor is sculling draw, nor are pries.

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Tom_Laws wrote:
If its as good as his lean back when bracing DVD its money well spent....
dam the dart :)

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Thanks for the tips as I have now mastered the hanging draw, no thanks to the coach who took the 3* training and assessment day I took part in.

Joshua Kelly

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