Access Issue.. on Meridian TV 2/4/07..

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Access Issue.. on Meridian TV 2/4/07..

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Access Issue.. on Meridian TV 2/4/07..

Have a look at Meridian South News ... on Monday 2nd April 2007 .. This is the film from the trip to Wareham last Friday. ...Go to Meridian TV .. Local News .. Meridian South and then Meridian Tonight for 2/4/07 ... Its 12.15 mins in..

Thanks once again to Geoff Goulden, Poole Harbour Canoe Club and Mark Rainsley for being involved.

Paul Knight (Salmon & Trout Ass) whose communications have been discussed here before is actually incorrect re payment and lets stop the myth of payment .. Just little bit of information for you here…lots more to follow...

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Oooh dear...I haven't seen this yet, but wasn't especially happy with my interview performance, I was rather incoherent after a week of illness and working until 2.30 am the previous night. In any case, thanks to Tamsin for offering me the opportunity to say my bit.
Mark Rainsley

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Looked fine, Mark (and others)! Good coverage, the canoeists' side came across as very fair and decent. No one queried the fact that buying land costs money as well as buying rivers - but people are well used to the concept of rights of way.
David P

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As I am new to the sport I was very interested to see this article as the Frome is a river I have been keen to explore (looks like that idea is out of the window for now). Can anyone tell me of the rights of access for other rivers in Dorset, particularly the Stour, Piddle and other parts of the Frome - as the information available is hard to find and often contradictory. many thanks.

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Took me an age to find it... ... void=58610

I think it is quite a fair article, it is amusing that the fishing argument was straight away about payment and money whilst the kayaking argument offered much more for the cause.

Well done


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