Most random item of kit you've taken on a trip?

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Most random item of kit you've taken on a trip?

Post by MadHatter »

Well it seems a company in America is advertising a portable gas powered blender. Here is a word from some of their happy customers.


Looks like a useful bit of kit the next time I go paddling near glaciers or pack ice! ;-)

But it did get me thinking, what is the most random thing you have found at the bottom of your bag or boat while on a trip away paddling anywhere. You might not have packed it, it could be a leftover because you didnt empty it propperly.

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Adrian Cooper
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Post by Adrian Cooper »

That would be sooooo useful for your Creme de Menthe Frappe. The perfect drink for those isolated glaciers!

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Re: Most random item of kit you've taken on a trip?

Post by philm »

MadHatter wrote:Well it seems a company in America is advertising a portable gas powered blender.
Despite having lived here for 5 years or so, the crass consumerism of so many Americans continues to astound me.

There seems to be something a little distasteful about taking a petrol-powered blender into the wilderness so that you can sip a frozen daiquiri whilst marvelling at the glacier in front of you, retreating steadily due to global warming...

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Post by slipperystav »

My Copper Ibrik, used for brewing up Turkish coffee, got a personal best last summer, by reaching the top of the Mannlichen in the Alps. Often travels with me, along with a stash of the finest Turkish coffee and sugar, a small gas stove and a thermal mug for the perfect brew. Ok for carrying in my backpack, but never taken it down river with me as the Ibrik is my Granddads original, so nearly 50 years old!

If anyone out there knows where I can get another, please PM me so I can have a boat dedicated one. I'm scared of bashing this one too much!

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Jon Wood
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Post by Jon Wood »

I found PWS ice a little too gritty for my gin & tonic...

But I have been known to carry a 2-cup espresso machine.

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James F
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Post by James F »

Don't let Kev F see this thread.

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Post by ol »

I usually paddle the Tryweryn with my splits still in me boat, does that count?

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Post by MadHatter »

ol wrote:I usually paddle the Tryweryn with my splits still in me boat, does that count?
Hmmmmmm, well if you were paddling HPP with them then definatly but I'm not so sure. If I had splits then I would probably paddle the Tryweryn with them due to the chance of me swimming and possibly loosing a set.

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Post by Kizzie_St-As »

A friend of mine paddles rivers with a coconut called Terry in his boat.

Jay Oram
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Post by Jay Oram »

Our goat Trevor came to the Swiss Alps to go boating, hes on my blog - first pic with cuddly toy goat:

Can't figure out how to post an image, it doesn't seem to work. If anyone can then go for it -

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Post by Duckboy »

I used to carry a little rubber duckie.

Now once again I have a BA that has a pocket, he will be returning :)

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Post by Vixen »

I used to have a rubber duck on the front of my boat, and one day I gave it to someone to look after so it didnt get lost, and I forgot to get it back!

A friend of mine carries 1 shoe around, as he says that you will never lose both shoes, so they one may come in handy!

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Post by NickB »

I did a sea trip once with a couple of guys who took a single trolley BBQ wheel with them! it had been kidnapped from another friend and subsequently needed to be photographed in exotic locations! (Small Isles!)
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Bewildered sassanack
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Post by Bewildered sassanack »

Accidentally took a Halfords air compressor down the Bhote Kosi/Sun Kosi as it had fallen into my boat in my van on the way to the airport. Only found it in Nepal. Took the bugger all the way from Tibetan to Indian border and home again!

Can I get stabilisers for this?

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Post by PKY »

Well my last trip to North Wales I took my camera and someone had noticed I had a condom stashed in the dry box it was in. Bizarre enough the comment "Is that your version of safty on the river!" was used.
Yet that same piece of safty has still manage to stay with me on the water in my BA.
What can I say I'm a safe boater it aint had to be used yet!

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Post by ol »

Took a carrier bag from my local camping/ski shop to Uganda so I could photograph myself holding it by a monkey or a waterfall or something so that I could get put up on their wall of people holding Lockwoods carrier bags in exotic and adventurous locations...Carried it in my boat for most of the two weeks and nearly forgot to do it.

I am on the wall now though......fame at last.

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Post by ol »

PKY wrote: What can I say I'm a safe boater it aint had to be used yet!
Yeah but what is it for? You didn't explain. Is it for what its for, or something else?

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Post by heybaz »

I once borrowed a "glass eye" (long story, wasn't actually required for use by it's owner!) - when the time came to scout a rapid, I whipped it out of my BA pocket and asked one of the crew to take it with him so I could view the rapid without getting out of my boat.....

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Post by foxy »

I went to Panama and accidently packed Chairman Moa's Little Red Book instead of my Spanish phrase book, which is the same size and colour!
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Post by MassiveQueen »

I have a dummy in my BA pocket at all times, it comes in handy went things get a litte hairy, and substitutes for cigarettes when I have run out or its too wet

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Post by cswalker »

TBoy Parker - he's pretty random, but also a handy bit of kit to have around at most times!

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Post by furby »

Not really that random, but a Tiwx bar always goes in the front of my BA every time I paddle.

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Post by lindsam »

I once picked up what I thought was my first aid kit, and when I was looking for a plaster for a blister found it was my dry-bag full of compasses/pen knives/springy washing lines/slings etc. instead!

Luckily I had my car 1st aid kit with me as well!
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Canoe Lu
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Post by Canoe Lu »

I might have to pack a bike into my Inazone next weekend - I was advised to take a bike to do the car shuffle on the Dart Loop as the car park is closed .. .. ..
Being a girly I always have lip balm in my BA pocket.

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Post by pete.self »

probably my surfing wax is one of my more wierd ones, for slippery paddles.
as for taking your bike on the loop of the dart, you would be better off cycling at the moment, there is such little water in it, I would be paddling it today if it had any wayter in it! but i am going surfing.

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Post by morsey »

A tub of putty, a couple of paint brushes and a hammer!

I hid them behind a friends air bags and when I met up with them a couple of weeks later in the Alps I got him to check his boat at the bottom of a river!
Laugh loud, run fast and always check your boat if it feels a bit heavy! :-)

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Post by briman »

slightly off topic and similar to morseys, but on a trip to the Alps we decided to have a race down the Onde. Mark was the hot favourite, so we removed his bulkhead footrest and filled it with rocks, then put the footrest back. didn't make any difference, he still won, but struggled carrying the boat back to the car.
Another nameless club member decided it would be good fun to hide the remains of his KIng Prawn Jalfrezi behind the airbags of another club member. A few months later it was found festering!

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Post by Paz »

On the last trip to Norway that we did, a guy put a large boulder in the back of someone's boat for the walk in for the Ulla. When he put the boat down to get in, it did an end over end roll abit like a magic bean!

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Post by Toulousain »

I tend to carry a pipe for a fine smoke upon completing a challenging river

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Post by Bhoyo »

Gumsheild, as I spliced a tooth on my first (and only) trip to the tryweryn.

I will make a return soon!!


one bloke from our club carried a Sausage Dog - in his cockpit )we still don't know what it was doing in there. but it is funny trying to see it get out of the river!!

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