Tees River Level

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Tees River Level

Post by Woods. »

Forgive my ignorance (though I did check out the water levels links page) - but is there some guage of the Tees? How will it be behaving this weekend?



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Re: Tees River Level

Post by steddyjames »

Someone mentioned on a previous message that you can phone this number to get water levels. 09066197722. Apparently if it's 1 meter and rising it's a good level.

Haven't tried it myself though so I can't guarantee

Considering how much rain we have had I would guess there is going to be water this weekend. I'm hoping cos I'll be heading for the Tees area this weekend.

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Re: Tees River Level

Post by Poke »

The Barnard Castle to Winston Bridge (Or Wholerton Lido) section of the tees goes at any pretty much any level... Sometimes quite a scrape when its low mind you... Don't think there'll be that problem this weekend!

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