Ain't he got a purdy mouth

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Ain't he got a purdy mouth

Post by waverley610 »

Anyone heard of about a film in progress starring Burt Reynolds called "without a paddle"?

from internet movie database:

This is the story of three friends from the big city of Philadelphia who go canoeing together out in the woods and mountains of Washington State after the death of a friend, Billy. Billy was obsessed with going there to search for the unaccounted-for $194,200 out of the $200,000 that famed airliner highjacker D.B. Cooper parachuted with quite possibly to his death in 1971 $5,800 of his marked ransom loot was found in 1980. Canoeing down the Columbia River, the trio soon finds that their canoeing experience goes wrong..., both horribly and hilariously wrong, as the river turns dangerous, and they have encounters with the crazy mountain men (Burt Reynolds) plays who live near the river...

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Re: Ain't he got a purdy mouth

Post by Mark R »

Sounds like a sequel to 'Deliverance'....

-----------Mark Rainsley

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Without a Paddle

Post by kevnewzealand »

According to the security officer manning the gates to the set it's a "spoof on Deliverance".

It's being filmed on location here in New Zealand on the Rangitaiki River, a very popular North Island river. I think they've finished now but for the last couple of months or so you had to drive through the set to get to the put in, which is where their main operation is located. Quite weird the first time you see it since it's about a 20 minute drive on dirt and gravel roads into dense bush and you suddenly come across about 25 huge mobile trailers .....

Most of the filming involving rapids/canoes etc seems to have been done on Fantail Falls and Jeff's Joy - a couple of grade 4 rapids a few hundred metres below the put in. Last time we were there we had to wait in various eddies on the way down so as not to paddle through the filming! Dozens of poeple all up and down the riverbank with radios, ropes across the river, safety boaters ..... quite exceiting really, although when we were told "there's a rope across the river right at the bottom of Jeff's, but it should be under water out of your way by the time you get down" we were a little worried!


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