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De-mystifying UKRGB

Post by Mark R »

There are a truly daunting amount of regular users on UKRGB these days, and I haven't the faintest clue who most of them are or how they relate to anyone else.

So...give this a try. Let's take on the massive task of de-mystifying UKRGB, so we know who is who and who paddles with whom. Everyone add a few sentences to this thread, in this vein...


My username is MarkR, but name is Mark Rainsley.

I often paddle rivers with Knees (Chris Wheeler), KevinF (Kevin Francis), McDoom (Andy McMahon), Andy L (Andy Levick) and others.

I am helped in running UKRGB by many folk including Steve B (Steve Balcombe) whom I have paddled with on a number of occasions and RobT (Rob Tuley), whom I have never paddled with but have exchanged pleasantries with more than once.

My wife is Heather Rainsley, whose real name is Heather Rainsley.

I once met Randy Fandango, it turned out he was actually called Giles.


Anyone really keen can get a large sheet of sugar paper out and try to join up all the connections...
Mark Rainsley

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Post by Rockrat »

My username is Rockrat, but my name is Iain Robinson. My dad is jcr (Clive Robinson).

I have been on courses run by Martyn Hartley, who is the father of James Hartley who I have seen on the Washburn, but not chatted with. I am booked on a Level 2 Assessment with woodsy (Graham Wood) and have chatted about A Level Business Studies Coursework with Tea Boy Tom (Tom Parker) and also simon d westgarth (Simon Westgarth) on the same subject by email. I have also seen Tea Boy Tom's van at the Tryweryn.

I found the paddle of Geoff Brain, who's son knows Nicbob. I have also been in a Boater X at the Teesside Youth Freestyle Event and came second to Jonny N (Jonny Noblett). At other Youth Freestyle Event's I met Flea (Fiona Jarvie).

I have met Ade P on the Tryweryn by the Cafe Wave and paddle with Rob Byrne (he's a member of the same canoe club as myself), but not met any other users on the water.

I have bought kayaking gear off Lancaster Simon (Simon from UK Canoes and now Paddlesport) as well as Pete @ U.K.C. (Pete Fricker from UK Canoes and now Carlisle Canoes). Duckboy (Adam Davies) has also bought pads for a Shred Ready helmet off me.

Finally, I have chatted with Pete C (Pete Cornes), when he use to bring Fluid boats into the country, at the NEC.
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Iain Robinson

Zoe Newsam
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Post by Zoe Newsam »

My username is zoenewsam, real name Zoe Newsam- how original. My partner is Mark Gawler, and I often paddle rivers with Heather Rainsley, Ms McDoom(Lisa Parke), Alice R(Alice Reed), and occasionally their partners, McDoom, Mark R, and Kevin F.

On the sea I paddle most often with Mark R & Heather Rainsley, CCL(Claire Cheong Leen), Jimski89(Jim Krawiecki), Andy_L and occasionally Uisce (Ruadhri), and I've had coaching from Simon Westgarth, Bertie (Graham Beckram)and Rockpool (Aled Williams).

I've bought a tent from Douglas Wilcox, stood at a bar with Mendipmammoth (Tom Laws) and seen Randy Fandango trap his head in his van window.
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Zoe Newsam
Sea Kayak Guide & Mountain Leader

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Post by Kretha »

My alias is Kretha, real name Mike Roughley

I paddle mainly in the Lake District where I am based at University (Penrith) but venture into Scotland regularly. I mainly paddle with people from my University, such as Islander, HAM (I think that is his user name) newton_riggs_finest and danbo. I'm using their aliases only as I don't know if they would like me to identify them (they're on the run from their own mind...)

I'm unattatched and paddle whenever I get the chance, and I'm going to Scotland on Friday for 9 days for a lovely kayaking holiday with some of the afore mentioned.

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Post by AliG »

My username is AliG, but I'm actaully Alastair Goodwin.

I usually lurk in the background here - I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Jim, and about annually paddling with him. Slightly more often I've paddled with Mr Wallis junior, Chris - who probably lurks around here occasionally.

The only other person I know I know on here is benjamin, although Lee did turn up in a photo of the dart recently.


"I don't mind being patient, as long as I get my own way in the end"

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Post by Ricks-Freestyle-Mind »

My Username is Ricks-freestyle-mind but my real name is Rick Atkinson.

I paddle with Mike84 who is on the forum occasionally. I've seen Tom Parker strut his stuff on the Tryweryn whilst leading a group. I have also bought a helmet of Markayaker which, was well worth the wait! I've bumped into James Hartley on my local run once or twice....Briefly. I once saw Patrick C and Co. shoot striaght through the Ski Slope on the Tryweryn last July! Just got the 'nod of the head' and they carried on! Seen Pete C at the NEC by the pool! Spoke to Lambs to the Water at the NEC too. There the only faces I spotted! Geoff Seddon (I think) once bought a boat of me? For his son, a WS Big Ez???

Seen a few juniors at the junior event's...not sure if there on here though!

Might see a few new faces this weekend!
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Post by Jim »

Crikey, I'm going to be here all night and I'll struggle to stop at a few sentences!

(to follow....)


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Simon Westgarth
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Post by Simon Westgarth »

I have either meet, coached or taken some abuse from most the regular contributors on here. However I am increasinly amazed that there is ever more new members and we actually do not really get too shirty with each other.

This must be the new liberal front for paddling rivers party or is the paddlers popular front for river liberation. Still from the establishment this forum is seen as the radical wing of UK paddling!!! I've met our beloved leader and he only has a peasant workers haircut!!!!

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Post by honeydog »

Honeydog (Chris Tickner) paddles with Council Dog (Willie Gardner) also James Fleming. G man ( Gav) not sure what the rest of the guys i hang out with are named

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Post by ol »

Je Suis OL, my given name is Oliver Renison. I am based in Warwickshire, used to be Brighton where I started paddling. I have been known to paddle with the following users of this forum, Nik aka. Nik Wilkinson(Coventry), Tizereyes aka Liz Garnet(Oxford), Debby aka Debby Carr(Brighton), Zeezayer aka Jake Owen(Brighton/Sheffield) and Rich Gunton aka the same(Brizzle).

Through paddling various rivers and playspots here and abroad, I have bumped into, paddled close to, been stood/sitting near to, or simply seen but not really met other users of this forum including: James F, Mark R, Simon Westgarth, ED(Mr Burns one), Dave Manby, God, etc etc.....

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Post by Mark Gawler »

My user name is Mark Gawler and unsurprisingly my real name is also Mark Gawler.

After introducing CCL (Claire Cheong Leen), to the forum she introduced me to sea paddling and Zoe Newsam, the rest as they say is history...

I had the dubious pleasure of being hospitalized by Knees in Canada where I also paddled with Si Wiles (Simon Wiles), River honey (Cheryl Robinson) and the aforementioned MarkR, KevinF, McDoom and Andy L

At the Andy Jackson memorial I paddled with Scuba Steve (Steve ???) and others.

Mark G

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Post by naefearjustbeer »

My user name is Naefearjustbeer, My real name is Donnie Robson, My regular paddle buddies dont visit the interweb much so I dont think you will find any of them on here. I am the webmaster for our club and you can find it at
However I have met recently Mike Marshall who let me have a go in his Megatron Surf Kayak which is made by mega who I think visits the sea and surf section of the forum under the name of . Recently at the Andy Jackson Weekend I saw a few faces from this site that I recognised from pictures posted on here, not sure that I could put names to them all though. On my first run down the Garry I paddled with a group from stirling who I think Included G Man and JonnyGold who took a drunken swim in front of me.

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Post by lozbrown »

My username is lozbrown, but name is Laurence Brown often known as Loz.

I often paddle rivers and playboat with with FreshAl (Alex Holt), Davidw (David Webster) , 'Whiskers (Diana Clark), Jonny Bravo (Craig Hill) amoungs others many of whom are like me members of RUCC

Through being a Reading person I have met and often drnk with the likes of Ed Hopper (Edward Hopper Esq), (Chris), JamesF (James Faqueson) Flea (Fiona Jarvie)

Over the course of several alps trips I was fortunate enough to meet PatrickC (Patrick Clissord) Poke (Tim Burn) PaulaV (Paula (prounounced Powla) Volkmer), Stuart J Woodward, Fluidskills (Darren Joy)

For a while I had a summer Job at a certain kayak manufacturer and was blessed with opertunities to meet: Ben@Pyranha (Ben White), Lambs to Water (Tim Lambert), Mendipmamoth (Tom Laws), Neilfarmer (Niel Farmer), Ian Beath, Tom w (of design crisis fame), Siwiles (Simon Wiles), Zoenewsham (Zoe Newsham), River Honey (Cheryl Robinson), Gave a lift to David McCraw, and I think I met Naefearjustbear and his sone

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Post by naefearjustbeer »

Naefearjustbear and his sone[/quote]

Dont have a son but I was paddling with a father and son at the Andy Jackson weekend. We had wavesport boats super ez big ez and an ez. Mine was the big ez

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Post by lozbrown »

Were you in a little corsa and parked next to the pyranha van?

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Post by Jim »

I'm Jim Wallis, I started paddling with the scouts and one of our instructors went on to become Kayakojacko so by chance I started with the best. At about that time I also paddled with Martin Harrall who I haven't seen a post from for ages, I was at school with his misses and have remained friends with her older brother who doesn't exist here but is the link to members of CCC that I'll come to later!

I chose Newcastle uni where I got to paddle with such legends as Roo (AndyRoo Evans), Jon C (Jon Cartwright, I think that's his username), and of course the mysterious frazerp (Frazer Pearce). There are many others who I know through that link such as Tom Hollis, but to be honest I don't know most of their usernames - perhaps they will be revealed in the course of this?

I have been working in Glasgow for a while now where I started paddling with neilfarmer and a bunch of guys who used to be in a club. Through contacts with that club McDoom ended up paddling with us for a bit before heading down to "Thamesweirland" where he now paddles with the likes of MarkR and Knees, both of whom I have met a couple of times. A couple of years ago we met up with McDoom for new year who introduced me to James F (Farquharson of the thames weir project), and (at the time) the future Mrs F who it turned out I already knew from Newcastle. To compound things nicely on that same trip we bumped into a lad on the Roy who had been along on a uni trip a couple of years earlier as a friend of someone (also has won the tyne descent with him in a duo) who I know only as Tim and Poke

Of course it doesn't stop there, I also know several of the users from Scotland: Rokman (Mark Lyons), Steeler (Paul Steel, used to be paddlefreak I think), Nasty Nick (Nick Cunningham), tonyp (Tony page), The shell (Ryan ?), the late letsgocanoeing (Andy Jackson), and more recently I have met up with Douglas Wilcox and Marv (Martin Higson). I dare say there are many others who usernames I don't know!

Going back to that old school friend who isn't a user - since seeing his photo posted up on the Falloch pages I got back in touch with him and have joined him and some of the rest of Cheltenham CC on several trips now. Their numbers include Yonfan (John Wright, owner of "that photo") and Boater Rich (Richard Longhurst). Most of them don't visit here (or do it discreetly) but if anyone remembers a user who was struggling to sell a double sea kayak from NZ a few years back, I know him too!

When I went to Uni my Dad (not a user) took over my duties instructing the scouts in kayaking and sailing and when he moved "oop north" he somehow got drawn much more deeply into the canoeing and kayaking side than anyone could have predicted - from amongst his kayaking friends I can definitely identify Martyn Hartley and James Hartley. My dad also got started on sea kayaking and through another non-user we ended up joining Bolton CC on some of their trips getting to know such characters as Pelagic (Phil Winch), Geoff Seddon, and Sub5rider (Nigel Crompton), I'm sure the younger Winch (Al) has a username on here as well (may be StupidAl or something equally amusing). Many of their members are active on their own forum so don't find time or find it necessary to visit this one.

In the meantime of course my brother went to Uni at Luffbra (no seriously they are so dyslexic they all think it's spelt that way) and I have joined up with some of them for a fair few trips - AliG has already identified himself and I recall that in the past Steve and Lee have had usernames but I can't recall what they are - my brother I thought had been on here but he claims he hasn't, in which case I may have ticked off one of them thinking it was him, again the username escapes me and the real name actually wasn't what I thought it was!

Another non-user friend from Uni (Mark Watson) ended up in York (and met MarkR and SiWiles in Nepal a few years back). Through that contact I have paddled with Howhardcanitbe (Ian Jones) and Lowry Davies before she was famous. I haven't met The Reverend Driller (Driller) yet, but I've heard plenty of stories about him. It was whilst paddling with Mark and Ian in Washington/Idaho/Oregon that they subconsciously got me interested in kiting - strangely one of my other Uni friends is now doing some work for a guy who flies some of the same kites as me (but that's another forum). Another guy who distributes the kites we fly lives in Glasgow and I discovered used to paraglide with letsgocanoeing, he has been off that scene for a while and hadn't heard of Andy's death at the time.

Finally of course I did the Grand Canyon in 2004 on a trip organised by Chris Sladden (of "The Welsh Rivers"). On the trip was Gwyn Ashcroft (in C1) who I had met several times before (he was at Durham when I was at Newcastle) and I'm sure he has been registered under a couple of usernames at different times, I think shaggydesigns might be one of them? Also on the trip were Chris Bolton (in C1, but mostly posts in the sea section here), Graham Bland and Goatboater (Jason Scholey), who I think knows some of the people I first started paddling with, taking it full circle, or very nearly!

Next year I am going back to the Grand Canyon and already I know that I'm going to meet a couple of users on the trip!

If anyone feels I have neglected a link to them or someone else, let us know - it's hard sometimes to keep track of who I do and don't know - oh yeah, Pete C, he joined us on a sort of Uni Alps trip one year - nice enough lad but great to wind up, almost always takes any bait offered! He of course knows many people, Roo and frazerp were postgrads at Nottingham when he was a student for example.

Am I getting too involved now?

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Post by naefearjustbeer »

lozbrown wrote:Were you in a little corsa and parked next to the pyranha van?
Yip thats right

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Post by caveman_si »

My name is caveman_si and I am an alcoholic!!

Opss wrong meeting.

Try again I am really called Simon Lewis and my girlfriend is RachW.

I mostly paddle with LUCC (mostly Liverpool Uni but lots of ex students and random hangers on). Thats where I know Willazone -Will and Hhzoombird -Helen from. There is lots more but I cant remeber all of there user names.
But I also paddle with some of the guys that I work with namely BoaterJH. If Im not confused I also work for that same people as Uisce different office not in wales like him :( and keep bumping into him on the water althought I have never got round to doing a river with him.
I have paddled with Daffers and Madhatter and quite a few more from Reading Portsmouth and Herts who i cant remember at St Davids in May this yrs (same time same place next yr folks?)
I have had numerous drinks with whiskers -Di while on various paddling trips but never seen her in a boat ever! But she can drink!

I have bought cracking dry trouser from CShad on here before and TeaboyTom once looked at me at the getout of the Orchy!!

No proper name (as given to you by your mum) means its been mentioned already or I cant remember it and/or spell it.

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Post by Phil@kukc »

I'm Phil@kukc really called Phil Reeve

Paddle mainly with stevecourtney, comes on here occasionally, Geof Seddon and Pelagic- Phil Winch, all at Bolton Canoe club.

Met briefly- Simon Westgarth at Dart over christmas, also been on one of his courses to Slovenia with Deb Pinniger, Ingrid Schlott and Ollie Grau turned up for a few days aswell. Awesome! The one and only Daffers at NSR this year as well as stoneweasel at the same event. I'm sure I've seen others during my brief stint at Brookbank a couple of years ago and around the place but thats all I can really remember!

Used to be captain of Keele Uni Canoe Club hence the name and still paddle with them, now back home paddle with Bolton and most weekends can usually be found somewhere in Wales..Dee, Tryweryn or more recently Stanley and some days during the week. Or if not there the home run of the Raging River of Bury, known as the Irwell at Burrs..I'll probs be around this weekend.

Keep and eye out for me....old blue/green vengeance, red helmet, a set of well used sidekicks and some rather funky gadget specs!
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rich gunton
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Post by rich gunton »

My user name is rich gunton my real name is Richard Gunton I usually stalk these pages, but rarely post because I cant spell. Have paddled a fair bit with, ol, N wilkinson from coventry, Bristol canoe club members who post on here,( conor o neill, J leopoled, Tony B, have also paddled with the globe trotting Miss P miller

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Liam Kirkham
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Post by Liam Kirkham »

Good Topic!

I am Liam Kirkham form formerly posted as Lil Liam and my real name is Liam Kirkham.

I paddle with the others from the : Design Crisis aka Jonny Briggs and Tom W.

I met David Mccraw, Mendip, Randy Fandango and Glen the Turtle and Steve Ed and some of the others from Rainchasers at The AJ weekend and bloody good people they seemed to be.

Im happy to paddle with anyone or put any one up so give me a shout if your ever stuck.

I also would like to say this is a fantastic resource so thankyou Mark his team and all the other contributors.[/b]
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Post by Ricks-Freestyle-Mind »

This has been a mystery......Bob Evans! Who is he? He features on alot of the guides. Does he go by a secret identity?

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Post by markayak »

I am markayaker (Mark Stafford) I paddle with Rain_man (Danny Young) and occasionally Saltorio_Kensi(Chris Headland) Im really lazy and cant be bothered to type any more today, I hope to find some motivation after paddling at nottingham tomorrow and finish off writing about who I know.

Speak soon


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Dom c
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Post by Dom c »

I'm Dom C , real name Dominic Crawford.
I'm from Bristol, as well as paddling with a few bristol paddlers I mainly paddler with the exeter / dartmoor / ASwatersports crowd. Used to work Saturday at Performance Kayaks, and still help out occasionally as well as paddle with the guys there
Poeple I have paddled with or met and i know are on this Board..
Morsey, Pete C, ASwatersport, Rich Gunton, Chucklet, Ted piper, Stome Weasel, Simon Westgarth, Ben@pyranha, h2ocoaching, Mendipmamoth and many more :@D

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Post by Uisce »

My name is Uisce but my real name is Ruaidhri (I will answer to Rory though) Barry.

I'm based in North Wales where my kayaking is split between Sea and Rivers. Paddle with various friends (non-club) paddlers and Club-wise I paddle with Deva Canoe Club (Chester), Mold Canoe Club and of course the legendry: North West Sea Kayakers who days seem to be getting more and more visitors from down south. You must be doing some great advertising down there for us Zoe.

To be honest I have no idea who on this forum I have possibly paddled with because I'm shocking with remembering real names, never mind sign on names. In fact this thread has already thrown up a few..." crikeey I didn't realise that X was so and so on UKRGB". type moments.

I've certainly seem to have paddled with a quite few though since moving up here two years ago.

[/quote]If Im not confused I also work for that same people as Uisce different office not in wales like him :( and keep bumping into him on the water althought I have never got round to doing a river with him.

Yip thats me Simon. I'm sure you'll end up in the Wales office eventually. It's where all the boaters end up going in the end. Got at least 3 other paddlers in my team alone!

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Post by madocks »

Name: Mark Davies
Age: 26
Home: Cardiff
Work: Programmer
Family: Wife & 2 kids
Other sports: Climbing, rugby
Points on driving license: 6

Local areas paddled:
I work away from home in North Wales, I am based in Chester. Thus its 20 mins to Mile end mill and about 60 mins to the conwy etc. I am still relativly new to the sport, I struggle on grade 3 technical. I have big balls so grade 3 fear is no problem.

Paddling partners: I mainly paddle with ERU, however I have attended a few of the paddletastic polo nights.

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Helen M
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Post by Helen M »

My username is Helen M, but name is Helen McKenna.

I've been drawn over to the 'dark side' and mainly now sea paddle:

However, I often insult Jim Wallis - cause it's fun - and I know he will give as good as he gets. Love the two 'classic' photos of him!

I've exchanged PM's with Mouse and Earling.

Been 'nice' to Grumpyfisherman! Once! Think I gave him tickets. SEE - I can be nice! Am sure I've been 'nice' to loads more people ..

Am on first name terms with Knoydart, Carlisle Canoes (who have just been taken over so maybe more work needed!), Karitek, Brite Water - Hi Gav.

Bumped into Mark and Heather on the machair on Bernaray. Met Douglas Wilcox on Loch Leven, Have paddled with Richard Cree, Checked out Rich Best's teepee, paddled/sailed with Brian Wilson (Blazing paddles), met CCL

Paddle regularly with Mike B - not to mention all the guys/girls on the sea site - too numerous to mention!

Partner of dbiggs.

Aplogises to people I've forgotten to mention. Paul - can't remember your username!

H - x

Steve B
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Post by Steve B »

Davefr (Dave Francis) holds the accolade of being the first person who I "met" online and subsequently met in real life - at the get-in for the Gloy. That was a good few years ago now though, pre-UKRGB in fact.

There have been many more, including Martin Harrall very early in my paddling career; Mark Rainsley as noted above, and through Mark I've met Kevin Francis and Andy Mc, also Simon Wiles and Andy Levick. Oh and Alice, sorry I've forgotten your surname.

Jason Scholey, Goatboater as mentioned above by Jim, was a Wellington boater for years but has now moved on; various other Wellington people turn up here from time to time but none posts regularly. I think I drive them away.

The Tryweryn is a good place to put faces to names - Pete Cornes, Daffers, Jules and probably more. Yes and I too belong to the "I've seen Tea Boy Tom plying his trade at the Tryweryn" club.

Several pleasant conversations with Stuart Woodward down at Exeter and on/beside the Dart over the years.

I recall watching with envy and admiration a very skilful young paddler in an early Dagger playboat (Medieval?) down at New Bridge, who I was told was Simon Westgarth. Last time I saw him he was somewhat older and eating cheesy chips or somesuch in the RDCP cafe. No doubt he can still paddle though ;-)

There are sure to be others...
Steve Balcombe

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Post by Big Henry »

My username is Big Henry, but name is Alan Lilley. It used to be Thug when I was a climber and at Lancs Poly! Henry is actually the name of one of my fish, a Tetraodon Mbu (aka Giant Puffer fish but thats not what people may surmise...I do have a girlfriend and I'm not in denial or in any closets! Not that I have a problem with those who may be...I'm waffling.)

I often paddle rivers with Ray Puryer and John Wilkinson, who aren't members on here. I am based in Middlesbrough and nearly drowned down the barrage 18 months ago!.

I used to be in Teesside University Canoe Club, but am not a student anymore. I don't paddle nearly as much as I would like to, despite having the time.

I believe Andy Gilbert really does things with dead sheep.

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Post by waverley610 »

My username is waverley610 but real name Chas Donnelly I've kayaked for three and a half years, but have worked for thirty. adrian cooper once failed me on my 3* for having no confidence on the water... he is very astute. But I did get my four star in the Alps last year, so have since crossed him off the list of people I must k*ll. (Just kidding Adrian... you're still on there).

One evening at Chertsey this summer I unwittingly paddled with God *and* that bloke from Kayakstan who likes Yaks, how's that for an introduction?
I once lost the rest of the group on a Simon Westgarth 5star training weekend; he sent Tom Parker to find me. He did.
My club is Croydon Active Paddlers, now there’s a misnomer. From UKRGB I paddle with heybaz & son, through them I’ve breifly met Mark B and Tow W. Am really looking forward to meeting and paddling with some more folk from here when we visit Scotland next week. I will never ever paddle in salty water.

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