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Campsite music

Post by frazerp »

<begin> grumpy old git

Why-oh-why has it become popular to blast out music to all and sundry while camping? Do people really think that anyone else is even remotely interested in their musical selection? I've no problem with someone wanting to listen to music: get an Ipod and some headphones.

<end> grumpy old git

Apologies for being slightly off-topic, but this has happenned repeatedly when camping on paddling trips recently and I personally find it really antisocial.


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Post by heybaz »


Chas Simon Gary Darren Spunky Andrew etc etc ...... anyone care to comment??

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wonny j
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Post by wonny j »

Grumpy old man indeed - get a grip of yourself!!

Instead of giving yourself an ulcer through internalising all that het up anger, why don't you try politely enquiring if your neighbour would be kind enough to turn their stereo down a little.

Personal stereos are great for when you're walking about but not much if you're trying to get your mate to put on the pasta or lend you something.

Jonny Williams, music lover.

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Bob Flanagan III
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Post by Bob Flanagan III »


You are assuming that it was the LASER weekend. I could quite understand Frazer's point of view as I had to tolerate a couple of hours of Spunky's music in the Passion Wagon on the way to Chertsey this week.

Couldn't face the trent trots and the subsequent time off so didn't go to HPP. Did Andrew ever find his kit?


Philip lowers
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Post by Philip lowers »

My My.....i thought you were young a hip Frazer !! Must admit though Sport Camp was rather noisey this year...... Me, Ben and Bri had small speakers plugged into our IPod belting Kat Stevens numbers so i think our age is showing some what, maybe like smoking area's we could have "Old Boy" area's of camp sites for us to relax in piece and quite !!!

I'll drop you a line when the seasons starts up and maybe we could bash some ditches for the w/e ...


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Randy Fandango
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Post by Randy Fandango »

Philip lowers wrote: Me, Ben and Bri had small speakers plugged into our IPod belting Kat Stevens numbers so I think our age is showing some what
Oh dear Phil. Have you been upsetting people with your noise polution again??
I've dug this little quote out of the past:
zoenewsam wrote: We had another encounter with them on Saturday, before his adventures in the bunkhouse: Mark G & I drove to the Loop get-out to pick up our boats after running the shuttle, and the aforementioned vehicle was parked right across the entrance, doors open, loud music blaring. It's occupants had beer & fags on the go, whilst getting changed, well, not very discreetly.

You've really got to stop going around upsetting our fellow paddlers! ;-)
Sorry mate, I couldn't resist it......

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Post by waverley610 »


So let's get this straight;

Your chosen domicile for the weekend is a flimsy nylon earwig magnet
which smells of mould and is perched on an incline in constant danger of being blown away at some point during the night.

You're likely to be staying in an overpriced farmers field from which you
can only change scenery by queuing for the communal wash block which stinks of urine.
Then; you get treated to a complete stranger’s soapy armpit in your earhole while brushing your teeth in a cobwebbed mirror.
Q. Why don’t campers just shower like everybody else anyway?

You're not even allowed to build a fire so you’ve got something to sit around at night and quietly talk crap over with your chums.

And of all things you decide to complain about... the music!

Of course if you don't want any neighbours at all, go to say North West Florida where the State Parks are the size of Wales,
wilderness camping is allowed and you can take your tent on a week long canoe trip though the wild backcountry. Who needs music there?
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Post by fatty »

I havn't been on here for a while for whatever reasons and the first post I click on is this. Quality! Brightened up my evening.

If this post is responding to the LASER weekend then all I can say is guilty as charged. I think personaly think that the LASER weekend is quality purly because of how chilled out it is compared to normal weekend away trips. A bit of funky chilled out music to set the scene around camp is perfect. You only live once and can't spend your time worrying about other people having fun. Lighten up, grab a beer and come join the party...

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Post by Jules »

fatty wrote:A bit of funky chilled out music to set the scene around camp is perfect.
Of course, your idea of "funky chilled out music" might not be the same as the next persons!. I personally cannot think of anything worse than being subjected to a weekend of someone elses taste of music being blasted out at full volume 10 feet from where I am trying to chill.
fatty wrote:You only live once and can't spend your time worrying about other people having fun.
This could read "I only live once and so I won't spend my time worrying about whether I am ruining other people's fun"

A bit of thought for others wouldn't go amiss, particularly when camping in a tightly packed field.



Post by stella »

Philip lowers wrote:My My..... Me, Ben and Bri had small speakers plugged into our IPod belting Kat Stevens numbers so I think our age is showing some what

Cat stevens is cool why taint it by calling it old.

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Post by neilfarmer »

Just as bad, are those people, who wake up early in the morning,
and while the night passed by, forgot that they can actualy talk at
a normal level of voice, instead of shouting!

As for loud blaring music, have some consideration! That is what
nice people do.... people other than kayakers do look at us.... and it
isn't cool!
Neil Farmer.

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Post by Hannah:) »

hello grumpy git,

well you weren't the only ones that were a little tetchy about the music... we had a lovely wake up call from the triathletes. But i do agree that at times the boys have an interesting taste in music :/

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Post by Jim »

It can't be that long since Frazer and I were told by a bunch of young students to "shut up and go to bed" whilst chatting about old times and future plans in a bunkhouse. We thought the younger generation were becoming soft, and I rather suspect that since he's still hanging around with them and I'm not, that it's rubbing off on Frazer!

Having said that, I hate anyone playing music on a campsite, even if it's music I like. It's just antisocial and unnecssary. I went wild camping with some friends a couple of years ago who thought it was a great idea to take a genny so they could blast some tunes. I was so happy when they found out it was so loud they couldn't hear the tunes and gave up with it.

I do have to admit to listening to radio 4 in between the shipping forecasts when stormbound on sea kayak trips - I usually keep it quiet and camp away from others..... :)


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Post by frazerp »

First off, my original post had nothing to do with the Laser weekend: I've no idea what that is for starters (well, actually I do, but I wasn't there). I was just making a general observation on a slow day at work.

Secondly, I wasn't objecting to behaviour at paddling fests: obviously if you happen to be camping on Tyne Green during the Tyne tour or in the field at BUSA polo you don't expect to sleep much. That's part of the fun.

My point was simply that of Neil Farmer: on a shared campsite there can surely be no excuse for opening all the doors and windows of your vehicle and blasting out music, particularly given that the boats on the roof make you easily identifiable as "paddlers".

..and Phil, yep, let's go boating again sometime.


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Post by DaveB »

The last poster is quite wrong! Being kept awake all night by drunken yoof at Tyne Green is not "part of the fun " of the Tyne Tour at all! It is a pain in the backside!

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