Short sighted paddlers; laser surgery?

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Short sighted paddlers; laser surgery?

Post by FourOneThree »

Has anyone had experience of laser eye surgery and paddling?

Currently I wear glasses then lenses to paddle; all of which is a big faff (making sure I have my glasses/lens case/cleaning fluid blah blah).

If you have the surgery, is there much you can't do afterwards?
How long does it take until you can go paddling again?

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Post by Lewis »

Hi there matey... my ex had this done this year in feb and it took a few months before she was allowed to paddle again..... but she said it was well worth doing.... i will txt her and ask her to fill you in if you want.....


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Post by StoneWeasel »

Hey there dude, no idea about laser surgery but it sounds as if you are using reusable lenses at the moment (monthly disposable or something?). I would highly recomend switching to daily disposables. due to the porus nature of contact lenses (to stop your eyes drying out) they can absorb nasty bugs and stuff from the water that your lens cleaner unfortunatly will not kill and can lead to nasty nasty eye infections. with daily disposables once you have finished paddaling all the nasy eye bugs get thrown in the bin along with the lens.


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Post by Adrian Cooper »

A friend of mine had this done. He was told to take six months off paddling. he has been very pleased with the results. I heard somewhere that it doesn't necessarily work with some eye conditions but presumably you will find all that stuff out.

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Post by ChrisBainbridge »

Hi, I had laser eye surgery the week before Christmas. There are two types, one they lift a flap LASIK and second they peel back the outer layer of corneal cells and then do the surgery LASEK. LASEK is slightly older so people assume LASIK is better. Not necessarily so. LASEK is better for sports people. (SAS guys have to have LASEK or leave). Also for some eyes the results are better. I was told that it wuld make 20% difference in the end to my vision having LASEK rather than LASIK as I had a big astigmatismLASEK slightly more painful and longer to get vision back. Assume no driving for a couple of weeks.

That also means NO screen based activities for 2 weeks!! No books, television, emails, etc. Find out about Microsoft accessibility tools before hand! you will need a text magnifier for several weeks.

Join audiobooks and download a few audiobooks before you go and fill up your ipod with music.

No paddling for 3 weeks and then I went into the pool with goggles on for 3 weeks. Then back to proper water.

Was it worth haviong done? Yes. have it done whilst young though as if you are older like me you will still have to wear glasses for reading.

Finally go to somebody good. After a lot of investigation I went to Julian Stevens at Moorfields in London. A bit more expensive but he invented a lot of the techniques and all the opthalmologists I spoke to said he was the guy they would go to.

Hope this helps


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Post by Lil Miss Boater »

Had it done.......and basically AMAZING!!!

I had lasik and wavefront done. I was sick to death of my lenses falling out every now and then and just generally as working in the outdoors life has been much easier since having it done. I think that the lasek is more appropriate to those with astigmatism?

I would suggest just going for a consultation with the free ones and just see what you think. Dont rush into it give it lots of thought. Give youself time when you know you have nothing else on. I did it over the winter.....ok you miss out on paddling but in the long run i deemed it to be worthwhile.

The restrictions were no tv, reading or any concentrating on fixed point for and length of time for 2 weeks roughly. No driving either for at least a week. Had lots of drops to administer too..... And no contact sports for 2 months....that put any decent white water paddling out of the loop for 3 months....they were vague as it not a "regular sport" apparently!! Went down the tryweryn not long after that and it was great to go through the ski slope wih out my lens falling out.

If you decide not to do it fair play as its a one off experience but worth the results. However i do try and push up my glasses every now and then!! great to only have one pari of sunnies!!!!!! I went with ultralase and the after care was fine.

I do agree that dailys are better and more hygenic for paddling and if you loose one its easier and cheaper to replace.

If you want to know any more details pm me.

happy deciding...................
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