Info on the Elwy?

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Andy B (of MCC)
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Info on the Elwy?

Post by Andy B (of MCC) »

Can anyone tell me anything more about the Elwy?
Have looked on Canoe Wales, and it looks a possible for our group (of 6) on Monday.
No mention of access problems on CW, but seems popular for trout & salmon fishing (not when in spate?). Anyone had any problems?



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Post by RichA »

We did the Elwy in Nov 2005 from Llanfair Talhaiarn (I think that's the right name!) We shortened it to about 8km. There are a few weirs on it. The first you come to (if you start in the same place as we did) has some fish steps down the middle that caught a few people out which is mentioned in the guide. A few smaller weirs come up, some of which had playwaves. At the level we ran it, there weren't any dangerous weirs in the section we did, but we didn't do the full run as described in the guide.
Didn't see any fishermen, so can't comment on that aspect.
When we ran it, the shingle bed on river left just upstream of the bridge at the get in was just exposed. We found it quite tedious going at times due to the many flat bits. Take some food with you!

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Post by waverley610 »

Llanfair Talhaiarn to Bont Newydd.

Paddled this around the same time Oct 05 also low-levels, and nearly got caught in those fish steps in the very first weir.
From my notes:put in by Bus Stop on the green, Nice gorge section, possible tree hazard at exit.
Big triple horseshoe weir to portage r/h side, play wave just below is great.
Take out by the bridge with a parking spot on it opposite phone box.

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Post by Toby »

Ran the Elwy about four years ago. I really enjoyed it and it was a good trip. I remember it being a good grade three with a picteresque gorge. We did, I think, quite a long section and the shuttle was a bit of a faff and seemed to take forever. Its pretty much an all day trip so take snack food.

The triple stepped weir. Ah yes, some ran it, some portaged it. It went pretty okay so I thought I'd have another go.. Ended up swimming the bottom two steps second time around, much to the amusement of T-boy on the bank. I have a feeling it is regarded as a fishing river, but don't know for definite. I'd go in stealth boating mode.

One of the suggested get outs is just by a bridge and parking is very limited.
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Post by e_e_c »

I ran this a couple of years ago, nice little stretch, a fair bit of flat water between the drops. Salmon steps were fun! Dont think you'll have a problem with any of the other weirs. We didnt run the last weir by the get out as we decided there was pinning potential on the lips of the weir at the bottom of each step. Depending on the level you might be able to have a wade in and make a better judgement. I think for the get out you can park in the pub carpark (on the right after the bridge over the river, get out before the bridge or walk from the portage above the last weir), although I think popping in for a pint is always appreciated by them after you've bared all in their carpark! I seem to remember the shuttle was good fun too, really narrow welsh lanes.

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Post by Ricks-Freestyle-Mind »

Sorry if I am wrong, but last tiem we were there, (November 2005) the Pub looked as if it had closed down!!

We did it with a group of 8, got in at the bridge by the public toilets and car park, was a good level, I'd say a high level! Nice easy run with a scenic gorge, and then the trickier triple weir. A few of us shot this and were mostly successful (sp) I would advise people too inspect these as they could be sticky in really really high flows.

Another thing to note was that this river has a few trees down in some of the sections! Although not difficult water, they could cause problems for begineers.

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Post by slipperystav »

Did this river around this time last year. Realy nice run apart from getiting thrown off at the end.

The final weir is brilliant. The guide book says don't run it, and you can see why, but I shot it in an Air, and loved the run. The bottom hole is fantastic for cartwheels.

BUT. The game keeper can see the river from his house (he spotted us while doing his washing up after his tea) near the get out point and was waiting for us to come by. He gave us a bit of a verbal ear bashing. The land lord has sold the fishing rights so we had to be very diplomatic.

The final weir palyspot was fantstic, but out of bounds so I've never been back. Could be well worth trying to get access to (in the correct way).
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Andy B (of MCC)
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Post by Andy B (of MCC) »

Thanks to everyone for your info.
Water levels yesterday were lower than expected, but just paddleable.
Highly recommended as a very scenic, generally non-technical river.
though there are a lot of tree hazards, particlularly in the lower section.
The pub at the egress (Bont Newydd) has been closed now for a couple of years, and the locals are fighting against a change of use planning application - see
The ex-pub car park has a 'Private ' sign, so there is only 1 available parking space right next to the bridge.
Only 1 fisherman all day, who tried the 'whose permission...' argument, but then quickly faltered and let us pass quietly by.
Should have some pictures soon - including shooting the triple step weir.


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