Well over the limit

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Well over the limit

Post by Will.S. »

I'm fairly sure Im going to be many kilos over my 23kg limit for a BA flight this thursday to Entebbe.

My boat and blades come to about 16kg leaving me with nothing once ive added paddling kit and a tent. I need a lot of equiptment as I'll be travelling and working in Africa for 3 months.

Has anyone ever got away with being a lot over the weight limit for BA?

I need help!

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Post by mole »

It's probably a LOT cheaper to buy clothes in Africa than endure airline excess baggage rules.

Plus you can feel proud that you're contributing to the local economy.

There is also an article on the site about flying and cutting down on weight (this does seem to mean wearing a lot of your paddling kit, including helmet)

Have a great time
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Paul Smith
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Post by Paul Smith »

get someone to post some of the stuff out to you!

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Post by gill »

Have flown out to Entebbe twice with BA, both times being well over the limit (40+ and 62). Both times got away with out paying any thing simply by contacting them before hand and asking for extra weight and been given unlimited weight.

However both times have been going out for charity work so they maybe more likely to extend your weight limit if your bags are full of bandages and school books not kayaking kit.

Yet it is worth contacting BA with a good story to see if they will offer you any extra weight limit.

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Patrick Clissold
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Post by Patrick Clissold »

I've got the same problem in the summer with only 23kg for 2 months in India. My boat is about 20! Im planning on wearing every item of clothing im taking, putting paddling gear in my hand luggage, and filling pockets up with everything else, torch, maps, etc.

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Post by h2ocoaching.co.uk »

Ring up, and ask for a sport allowence. If going for a sports holiday, you get extra weight for free.
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Patrick Clissold
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Post by Patrick Clissold »

Which airline did you get that from? I asked BA for that on the phone and they said no.

Dr Robin
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Post by Dr Robin »

BA are generally very good: they usually don't bother weighing stuff.

Everyone has made good suggestions. I might add that you don't really need much in Uganda. Just take a shortie kag and a pair of swimming trunks. It's barely worth taking a sleeping bag, a sheet would be sufficient. And I wouldn't bother with trousers/jumpers, you'll always be wearing shorts, sandals and a t-shirt, even in the evenings.

By the way Will, did you decide to go to the Zambezi afterwoods?

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Post by ChrisMac »

I flew my boat to Lanzarote at Christmas with BA. My baggage weighed about 30kg of the 23kg limit. Had no problems what so ever and on departure they didnt even weigh it. I would recommend checking in early and making sure its less than 30. There seems to be a limit around that weight to do with what the baggage handlers can handle on thier own for H&S reasons I suspect so you want to stay below that.


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Chas C
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Post by Chas C »

Get a back pack, put everything you can in it. If you have a tent take a light weight one an carry it.

Don't overload your kayak, make sure it can be picked up by the baggage staff.

Make sure your early for your flight, book your kayak on before you go.

You should be OK with BA, be economical with the truth if they ask the weight of your kayak, i.e and 18kg boat you might offer to guess it weighs say 12-14kg.

Your kayak will not be weighed on check in. Put your back pack on the floor and don't make out its heavy i.e. dont strain or drop it.

When I flew out there 2 yrs ago, limit was 23kg, my boat weighed 17kg, paddle 1kg, back pack about 14kg or more and I never got charged.

If your going in a group its much easier.

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Post by GLC GAV »

When I went to Uganda, I flew with BA, I don't recall them weighing the boat, I think they just asked us roughly how much they weighed. Naturally we lied...

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Post by WideBoy »

Aloha, the BA baggage limit is indeed 30kg per item, as stated above to save the poor wee throwers backs. Some of the guys that flew out last year helped their allowance by 'helping to balance' their boats while they were weighed ;o)

Have an awesome time, we're off to the alps!!!!!!!!!!

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