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size size about size

Post by Archerwell »

So, I'm in the process of buying my first creeker and went shopping today. I'm 13 stone with most of my gear on, 6' 2" and size 10 feet. My weight points me in the direction of a medium, but with exception to Karnali I cant get into a medium boat due to my feet. Sitting in a large i feel like a pea rattling about in a tin and just don't feel connected with it. Am I the only person that has this issue? Or is it common. I can get in with small booties on, but I want to be able to wear decent shoes for scouting or portaging rapids. Especially after breaking a toe a few week back.
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Re: size size about size

Post by Sambo1988 »

What sort of creeker are you looking for sporty or forgiving?

I’m heavier than you at 14st but am 6.2 and size 13 feet. I paddle a scorch and a firecracker both large with astral hiyak shoes but can also fit in the mediums with good amount of room.

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Re: size size about size

Post by Poke »

I'm pretty much identical height/weight to you; 6'3", 85kg+kit, size 10 feet.
Surprised you're having so many issues finding a boat that fits. Only thing I can think of is that your leg length: body length ratio is somewhat high?
I'm ~33" leg length for trousers and can fit in most boats I've tried, though haven't tried any designs newer than about 5 years.

Weapon of choice at present is a Pyranha Machno Medium, which I can fit in with Palm gradients on. Great boat for looking after you on pushy stuff. Probably a good cheaper option given newer boats are out now?

Personal choice, but wouldn't get a Karnali. Don't rate them. Machno's are great though.
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