Flying with Easy Jet

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Flying with Easy Jet

Post by Glenn »

I am booking a flight and want to take my paddle - 194 cranks. Going thro the on-line booking procedure there is a section about sport equipment; albeit it doesnt specifically mention paddles! Does anyone know whether I'm gonna get charged (£15 each way) for the privilege of taking my paddle?

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Post by mole »

Ring up and ask? We're taking boats to Geneva with sleazy jet but because there's 5 of us and 4 boats (someone chose to drive and had space for another boat...) there is just a paddle bag with all our paddles together.

Sometimes it's just too much effor......aughhh

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Post by fatty »

Shouldn't do, put them in a paddle bag/fishing rod bag to be safe.

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Post by ol »

You shouldn't get charged.

There are two schools of thought regarding packing your paddles.
One is to put them in a padded bag as Mr Fatty says above to protect them, the other is to leave them open, in the hope that the baggage handlers can see what they are handling and perhaps take a little care.
Things wrapped up with fragile written all over them tend to get treated the same as anything else wrapped up.

I took two sets on a flight and taped them together, they were fine that time...

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Re: Flying with Easy Jet

Post by waverley610 »

Glenn wrote: Does anyone know whether I'm gonna get charged (£15 each way) for the privilege of taking my paddle?
Not if you check it in as part of your 20k hold baggage allowance.
(Don't exceed 20k unless you wish to pay an extra fiver per kilo).
You will then be sent to the 'oversize luggage' zone to hand it over.

When you arrive at your destination the paddle, quite possibly will not be put onto the carousel.
So have a look on the floor near where all the other bags come through as a handler may have left it there instead.

Well, that was my easyjet experience.

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